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Good books

Hi all,
Need help on a couple of good books.
Would like to get some books that would give me the most bang for the buck so to speak.
Could only get one right now but working to at least get a decent library.What book would give me the most info on the Iron game ?
Get Buffed, Brawn , Beyond Brawn,Poliquin …etc ? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated . I tried the forum search to see if this topic has been discussed before, but all I got was no parameters.“Knowledge Gives Birth To Strength”

from my research the top 3 are
siff - supertraining available from him at about $30
kubik - dinosaur training about $20 ironmind
mccallum - the complete keys to progress about $18
all these books will probably blow your mind.

any of these books will probably blow your mind

Since you sound like you are at an “intermediate” knowledge level, I would suggest Get Buffed. The Brawn books are a joke, Poliquin principles is good, but not much new info (if you reguallary read this site), and Siff is ok, but I think you need more of a foundation of knowledge to get the most out of his texts. Best of luck.

I second “Get Buffed”.

Power to the People by Pavel T.

Get Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik. :slight_smile:

brooks kubik… i haven’t heard that name in a long time… i used to know him extremely well for years… he worked out in the same small gym i started out at. him and my dad were good buddies. he was a weird guy, pretty arrogant. he did some wild ass training routines. he was built pretty decent though for his age. one big thing i remember is that my dad and i used to help him in and out of his tight-ass powerlifting shirt… i’m going to have to buy his book to check it out… i know he co-authored some book on big arms, but that’s all i know of. the gym we used to train at was filled of “dinasaur” equipment. looked like the set of “pumping iron”… i don’t mean to sound negative of him, he was just different. i bet i know what his book is all about without even reading it.