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Good Books On Flexability

Could you guys recommend some good books on improving ones flexability for me?

Lately i’ve been noticing more and more just how inflexable i am. It has been preventing me from being able to do quite a few exercises (overhead squat, etc.)

While we’re on the subject, i think i remember hearing a little while ago that athletes with poor flexability might also have difficulties quickly changing directions. As an inflexable runningback/linebacker, you can see how this would definately catch my interest. My inability to change directions quickly has easily been my biggest weakness as a back, so if you could give me some insight it would be very VERY much appreciated.

Pavel Tsatsouline’s “Super Joints” and “Relax into Stretch” are great books for flexibility.


Yeah, I’m a smartass, but someone had to do it.


Scientific Stretching is a good one. Geared toward the martial artist.

In addition to Pavels books I would get Stretching Scientifically(cant spell) by Tom Kurz.I have all the Pavel and Stadion stuff if you want any more details about the above let me know.Good on ya,z