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Good Books for a Split Program

I want to learn how to write programs for myself and not depend on a personal trainer which I am sick of doing.

I would like to know what exercices i should do for my lacking bodyparts. For example, rear deltoids, inner triceps etc.

I would also like to be able to change my programs every few months.

I have basic knowledge but would like to know more. Any good books on this topic?

Or maybe I should just change trainer.


Sounds like you are very demanding. From an aesthetic standpoint you seem very concerned about areas that are very difficult to build. I wouldnt really recommend any books because I think that sends the wrong message. There are plenty of good books out there but your best bet is reading them in depth and also using T-Nation, reading the articles online by the authors on this site. Exercise selection is one of the easier parts of program design in my opinion. You really have to learn about proper progression, loading, periodization, this sort of thing. My opinion? Just start reading man. There are plenty of good books out there. One is Christian’s Black Book of Training Secrets.

Read up on CW’s Perfect 10.

I dont have it yet but hear many good things about Alwynn Cosgrove’s Program Design Book.

Should fit your need,

Ian King’s “Get Buffed”