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Trying to find out if the new book by King Get Buffed II is worth the money.Also since I am between jobs money is a short commodity right now, I am purchasing 3 bottles of Tribex 500, and a bottle of M torn between MAG 10 and Myostat, which would give me more bang for my buck ? I am a short asian male,5’2 145 lbs,40 have no idea what my genetics are due to being an orphan. Pics of my biological father he looks like a skinny fat body type.Been lifting for 3 years eating approx 2800 cals a day and now feel that a little supplemental help can help me make some mass.Goal is thickness and density as opposed to Huuuuuge.I do a little cardio limited to 10 minute warmups on treadmill or bike, do have a 4 pack.Have put on 12 lbs in those three years with no supplements except protein powder.Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated thanks. Nsucomo
“Begging for help since 99”

You can learn most of what Ian King has to say just reading T-mag. I don’t know about the new version of the book, but the old one was full of errors and had no pictures - not good (for a beginner at least). I suggest reading the “Ian King Cheat Sheets” articles at T-mag and you’ll pick up 90% of what Ian has to say. I’m sure the book is good, but if you’re trying to same money most of the info is in T-mag.

I’d go with MAG-10 for best bang for your buck. You have to use Myo for a long time to see results and I also see it as a product for those who have peaked out. MAG-10 will get you some quick gains if you eat and train right and that can be very motivating. You really should have gained more than 12 pounds in your first year, even with bad genetics, so make sure you have your diet taken care of first. After that, the MAG should be good for 5-10 quick pounds of muscle. Use the Tribex after, not during.

If you eat big (you’ll need to bump up to about 3500 calories per day) and train hard (more frequent training and higher volume), the MAG-10 will probably be your “best bang for the buck.” It’ll probably give you a nice jolt and a quick mass increase. Follow the two-week cycle with some heavy weight training (5x5) to help keep your gains. Use the Tribex and M as specified. You don’t need three bottles of Tribex for this cycle, so you may want to save them for later if you use MAG-10 again. You can get good prices online if you shop around. Then you may be able to stretch your dollar a little further.

‘Get Buffed I’ is far better than ‘GB II’. It touches on some new info but over half of the 330 pages are sample 12 week workouts. If you have additional money to spend, I would get it, but not if you are tight on money. With regards to the supplements, go with the MAG 10.

Hey Nate Dogg, I was wondering what your rational is for using heavy training (i.e., 5x5) following a Mag 10 cycle to maintain gains? How long would you follow the heavy training protocol before going onto something different?

5’2 @145lbs thats pretty impressive if your bodyfats low… I don’t know if you can get any bigger naturally, if your bf is low around 8-10% @ a 5’2 frame.

The rational behind using 5x5 or another heavy training program once finished with a 2-week cycle of MAG-10 is to help keep your gains consistent while going back to a “lower-volume” type of training. If you check out the original article about MAG-10 and training, you’ll see that the two weeks following MAG-10 are more of a heavy “maintenance” program. This will help you from losing your gains once finished with your cycle. Besides, MAG-10 will give you a strength boost, so you might as well continue getting stronger and training heavy once your cycle is finished. I’d go with 5x5 (or a variation) rather than the four-day-week plan as written in the “MAG-10 Plan for Success” article. I think you’ll be happier with your results.

Any Ian King purchase is worth more than the money you’ll spend on it. Literally tons of info. that can be applied.
Mag-10 will give you more bang for your buck in a shorter period of time.
Myostat produces its results over a longer time.
I have had great success with Mag-10 (gained 20 pounds/12 weeks) and would recommend it if you really are in search of “mass”. Good luck!

Thanks for the kind words, like I said I have a 4 pack or the beginnings of a 4 pack. My BF is at about 14% thats from a pair of calipers. A couple guys told me I would look good if my body fat was lower but hey, I want to look strong in clothes. Guess its just a short man complex, though it never bothered me before (Midlife maybe?). How long or how many days will a bottle of Mag 10 usually last? Found a great deal on Tribex and Mag 10 on DPS. (Sorry TC money is tight.)How many for at least an 8 week cycle? Again thanks for any suggestions.

Hey, don’t feel bad, I’m a little guy too (5’4", 148lbs, ~14% bf)! As for MAG-10, you will need one bottle for each two week cycle. Same goes for Tribex and M. So you’ll use MAG-10 for two weeks, then follow with two weeks of Tribex and M. Then do another cycle of MAG-10, Tribex and M. So for an eight-week cycle, you’ll need two bottles of each. And yes DPS is a GREAT place to save money on supplements so you can get the most bang for your buck!

Thanks Nate appreciate the feedback glad to see i’m not the only “smurf” on here. Will try your advise on the 5x5 with a couple of variation on the bench.I get paid this week along with a bonus, so i’ll be waiting on my “Gear”. Thanks for the help fellas.

In addition to the 5x5 training program, something else you may want to look into is Christian T.'s new workout plan (OVT) that he posted on the forum Lair of the Ice Dog. That would also be an excellent program to use for all eight weeks of a MAG-10 cycle. So check that out. You may have better results using that than 5x5.