Good Book Suggestion?

Hi, I have $30 GC from barnes & noble and I have to use it by today. Anyone know a good book? I am usually look in sections: Self Improvement, Sports(weight training related), Programming (VS .NET, SQL, C++, Maya, Flash MX … etc).

I really would like to read something to improve my knowledge (mostly programming).


Anyone know a good programming language seller or author?

Effective C++

Pertaining to your interest in weight training and possibly nutrition (the two go hand-in-hand), I would recommend Scrawny to Brawny by Dr. John Berardi and Mike Mejia

in the realm of self help

“Shut up, quit whining, and get a life” by Larry Winget


For programming books in general…

Anything published by O’Reilly is awesome…
…I like the Programmer to Programmer series put out by WROX
…I like the “Black Book” series put out by Coriolis

Thanks for all the suggestion! I didn’t have time to check them out, so I just bought a ‘Diary’ and planning to return for store credit for future purchases. BTW, I was looking for “The Black Book of Training” and B&N don’t even have it in their computer. Is it a private sale by CT?