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Good Book for Doing Car Repairs?


Do you know where I can get a book that tells me how to do car repairs


Chilton and Haynes have car repair manuals that you can get online or probably at Autozone/Discount Auto Parts/etc. as well.

I have the Haynes manual for my car and I find it pretty helpful even though I had no real mechanic experience before needing it. I can pretty much do everything I need to do with it that I have the tools/space for.


chilton or haynes ($20) are good starts.... also if you really want to get into a car for restoration type stuff you can get a from the factory manual ($100)


I prefer chilton. They seem better on hondas at least.


Chilton/Haynes x4 (or however many people have said it)


BUMP! I'll buy it as soon as possible.


a lot of public libraries carry these books. if they don't have what you need you can at least see how they're laid out so you can get the one that's best for you.


All I can say is that this book is a FUCKING GOD DAMNED WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT! for fixing a bike but it did give me the blissful serenity you see flowing from me to this day.


As others have said.... If you can find it, then the Manufacturer's manual is the best. If not Chilton is cheaper and much more readily available.


O ok thanks. I have a used car and I am sick and tired of spending $200 on repairs every time something needs to be fixed. It seems that no matter how simple it may be, mechanics are always going to charge alot.


They always have a rediculous "Labor Charge" even if the parts you need are $12, you're paying $100/hr is seems to have them do anything

Any maintenance you can handle on your own will safe you cash, and make you feel good for doing it yourself


You can usually find the owners manuals for most cars online, on torrent search websites. Thats where I found my Civic owners manual.

And you're going to want to go with the owners manual > Chilton or Haynes.