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Good BF% to Start Primo Cycle?


So I’ve decided to start a recomp cycle following a knee surgery. I’ve decided to run
Test e 300 ew
Primo 600 ew
Aromasin 12.5 eod
For 16 weeks
With anavar or winstrol 50 mg ed week 14-18 to bridge to a standard nolva clomid hcg pct
My question is what’s the highest Bf% recommended to start primo for a recomp. I’ll be at a caloric deficit of 400 throughout.






Should be less than 15%, from what I have read. I just like being a smartass.


:joy: thanks man that was around the goal I was aiming for 12-15% I know primo is supposed to be “mild” I want to give it a chance to shine since it’s my first time running it


Do not run winstrol if you just had knee surgery. I cannot stress that enough.


I didn’t even think about that thanks man


Why? Please explain


The short answer: DHT dervatives like winstrol reduce estrogen and progesterone (not like an AI, but it’s hard to explain), and since both estrogen and progesterone have anti-inflammatory properties to them, reduction in these cause more inflammation. So you get joint pain. Guys say it’s because winstrol “dries you out”, and they’re wrong in the letter but not in the spirit. Lower estrogen causes pro-inflammatory responses. Progesterone promotes TH2, which is anti-inflammatory. Progesterone, when it gets low, does not promote as much TH2, which actually antagonizes TH1. TH1 secretes pro-inflammatory responses. So lower estrogen and lower progesterone = less natural anti-inflammatory response.

TL;DR Winstrol causes joint pain and if you just had knee surgery that’s the last thing you want to volunteer to have.


Thanks for that thorough response. These are the pieces of information I love hearing and learning.