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Good Betaine HCL Supplement

I’m really wanting to purchase some Betaine HCL, but I have no clue where I can find a decent, potent product. I know you can’t trust every company out there so I want to get you guy’s opinons on what Betaine hcl product I can buy for a good price.
I thought about buying Solaray’s Betaine HCL with pepsin and glutamic acid, but it just seems too good for the price, like 7 bucks for 180 caps.
Any advice would be great, and well appreciated. Thanks!

has anyone here did any Betaine HCL tests with any positive results?

Been using it for a long time, with every solid meal, because I have digestion issues.

Positive results? Placebo, perhaps, but I do feel it helps digest some of the heavier meals. I can’t say for sure and I certainly did not feel the ‘warm tea’ feeling in my stomach, not even with 6x 600 mg caps (450 mg betaine hcl, 150 pepsin/glutamic acid).

I just take 1-3 caps depending on how heavy the meal is, but 1-2 500 mg bromelain (2,000 GDU) tabs with them.

Someone wrote that apple cider vinegar is better for digestion than the betaine hcl caps; I might try that.

Country Life has a bottle of 250 600 mg betaine hcl caps for like $13 at Whole Foods. I like that brand a lot. Great value.