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Good Benchmarks Deadlift/Squat/Bench?


I'm 5'5 56kg/123lbs, i have been training for roughly 2 months or so. My lifts to me seem very

good but im just wondering what some benchmark numbers are for a beginner in all 3 lifts at

123 lbs. I want to hopefully enter a powerlifting competition soon but i dont want to totally

suck and im not going unless im good.


Bench 1.5xBW
Squat and DL 2xBW

those are good benchmarks




180(1.5x BW) bench seems a little out there though, my deadlift is basically 2x BW though


I started training back in January, and I am shooting for 1x BW bench, 1.5x BW squat, and 2x BW deadlift. Those are my initial goals, which I think I can hit pretty quickly. After that, I will adjust them upwards.


Hope you reach them. Whats your bodyweight at?


It's 162 pounds, up from 144 in December. I'm hoping to hit 180 by the end of the year, but with a little less body fat. Good luck bro!


Here are the standards for your bodyweight(165 lbs was closest for bodyweight):

Press - Adult Men
Body Weight - 165 lbs Un-trained 75 lbs, Novice 102 lbs, Intermediate 129 lbs, Advan. 153 lbs Elite 186 lbs

Bench Press - Adult Men
Body Weight 165 lbs, Un-trained 119 lbs Novice 152 lbs, Intermediate 187 lbs Advanced 255 lbs Elite 319 lbs

Squat - Adult Men
Body Weight 165 lbs Un-trained 110 lbs Novice 204 lbs Intermediate 250 lbs Advanced 342 lbs Elite 445 lbs

Deadlift - Adult Men
Body Weight 165 lbs Un-trained 137 lbs Novice 254 lbs Intermediate 293 lbs Advanced 411 lbs Elite 518 lbs

Power Clean - Adult Men
Body Weight 165 lbs Un-trained 79 lbs Novice 147 lbs Intermediate 180 lbs Advanced 246 lbs Elite 288 lbs

Hope this helps. All this did for me was show how weak I really am!


then why do i keep seeing you give advice all over this forum.


Should be 2.5* for DL

2* for Squat

1.5* Bench Press

1* Military Press
1.5* Push Press

Though at your weight... you may try eating more - helps all your lifts !


Because I keep seeing questions going unanswered or answered incorrectly by semi-literate sarco boys. Why do you keep asking me questions when I have already announced my intention to NEVER post here again an unsolicited comment? Do you like having me around?


And why are you sarco boys just saying 1.5 X BW or 2 x BW instead of providing the information that was requested as I have done?


You should compete because you want to, not waiting for some arbitrary total. There will be people stronger and weaker.


What is a sarco boy?