Good Bench Program?

I want to boost my bench press. I can currently do about 3x5 of 225lbs, and would like to get this higher. Can anyone recommend a good program for upping my bench?


What are your goals? Is you aim to increase your squat and deadlift as well?

No, just bench at this point. I’m looking for a short, 4-week program. Any thoughts?

When you miss a rep, where do you miss?

Here’s a 4week program, maybe it could spark your interest:

The idea is to do a lot of reps on the bench press itself. When it says 5x1 it means 1 set of 5 reps. Should you try this one out, do not change anything in it. Maybe on your second go around but not the first. And make sure you eat plenty :wink:

Good luck!

Bench program + other good reading

Raw Bench Improvement �?? Sebastian Burns

This was taken from a e mail I just sent to a
friend.It will work for anyone wanting to get stronger
raw or who is just starting out…you could throw some
shirt benching in there after awhile and some boards
but this is good for just getting started.

Bench press with regular wide grip
6 sets 3 to 5 reps

Close Grip bench(Go one hand space in from regular
Pause the bar on the bottom for 2 full seconds
6 sets 3 to 5 reps

Regular Grip Pause Bench
6 Sets 3 to 5 reps

After this you could do 3 sets of Pulldowns and 3 sets
of Rows for 3 to 4 sets also 3 to 4 sets of DB side
Do this workout for 3 months and keep track of your
weights always trying to beat your last weeks
weight.After 3 months take a few weeks away from
benching and do more back and shoulder then go back
and repeat the bench cycle.
Try to make it all the way thru this workout it is the
volume that will cause an increase in the may
take 2 to 3 weeks to get used to the high volume but
stick with it.

This workout will wonders for anyones raw bench. And
like stated above after 3 or 4 weeks add in some 3 2 1
board. The only thing I would add is some front raises
with the straight bar 3 sets.

What is meant by “6 Sets 3 to 5 reps”?
Usually working up thru submaximal weights. Finishing
the last few sets with 1 to 3 RMs

this was from the power and bulk forum by the way

It’s on the Metal Militia forum as well. I ran my own heavily influenced version of it for 2 3 weeks cycles as a starting point to my next bench training cycle. At the end of last December I doubled 130kg, did no more raw training til mid Jan (I had done a comp) where I started the MM cycle, did it for 7 weeks (3 on, 1 off, 3 on) and now after 4 weeks of ME and DE training I doubled 135kg today and could probably have done 3 with it (this is all after max floor press triples and shirted work on sunday).

I reckon I could have done 137.5 for 2 today, and would be confident of 140x2 next week.

Basically, after all that I reckon my bench is up about 15-20lbs. so to summarise;

3 weeks of the MM template
1 week off
3 more weeks of MM
2 weeks of close grip benches to a max
1 week of floor presses to 3 max triples

10 weeks and about a 15-20lb PR.