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Good BB Videos/Books?


I have been looking at some different video's and was thinking about ordering Skip La Cour's 4 hour video or Layne Norton's Unleashed. Does anyone have a video or book that they would recommend, the only one I've seen is pumping iron.


I have quite a large dvd collection but always go back to watch Ronnie Coleman's Unbelievable dvd.


I'm also interested in Layne's Unleashed. Anyone watch that? I like Layne's stuff.


Have you seen Skip La Cour's motivation DVD? I enjoy his podcasts so I'm leaning towards buying his video.


Are you looking for stuff that's more motivational or informational?

Nutrition books:

Other informational books:

For motivational stuff, I'd check any of the Battle for the Olympias. I haven't seen any of the more recent ones, but the one's I have seen always got me into "stop what you're doing and go train now"-mode.


All of Ronnie's.

Vic Martinez - Titan's vid
Dexter Jackson - Titans vid
Troy Alves - Titans vid

Johnnie Jackson's training video that shows him powerlifting, NOT the one that he did in 2006 that shows him 2 weeks out from a show where he doesn't really go that heavy.


Layne's video is actually very good. It's not the mindless watch-while doing cardio type of vid, if you actually listen to him talk, the guy's very analytical about his diet and training... and of course, when it comes to the actual training sequences, he's a beast. ("Let's move something!")



Yeah I had the pleasure of speaking with him briefly at my contest, he is certainly an intelligent individual. I have always enjoyed his articles, would you categorize the video as a balance of motivational and informative?


Dorian Yates - Blood and Guts, that one is definitely my fav.
I also watch some of ronnie's dvds over.


Thanks for the feedback on the Norton vid. I will most likely pick that one up.

Before I forgot to mention. I like "A Week in the Dungeon" with Dorian Yates and Mark Dugdale. Of course, all of Ronnie's dvds. Also, Project SuperHeavyWeight by Justin Harris.


Sorry no, but I will get some of Skip's dvds now that you mentioned him. Thanks.


For bodybuilding I like:

Dave Draper - "Brother Iron, Sister Steel"

"Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder"


I would certainly recommend Norton's DVD to those who actually want to learn in order to achieve their gains. There IS a lot of info packed in there, in addition to getting a pretty good picture about what a decent, hard working fellow Layne is. I have actually exchanged many emails with him over the years, going back to when he had first completed his work with Leucine (before all the muscle mags picked it up). He didn't have to, but he gave me some very detailed answered that were certainly helpful to my own training.

Yates' Blood and Guts was the first training TAPE (yes! a VHS TAPE) that I bought, and although trying to explain the finer points of it to my then girlfriend failed miserably, it always fired me up to go try and lift a truck, or at least something that weighed as much.

Ronnie's Cost of Redemption got me through my morning cardio when I was prepping for my last show. While you don't really get much in the way of technical knowledge, you can't help but love Ronnie.. of course while it is a sort of fly on the wall approach, some folks may not find inspiration watching as Ronnie waits 10 minutes for his grits too cool off so he can eat them -lol.

Dugdale's Week in the Dungeon is a great all around disc, especially if you're a fan of Yates. You see Marc, a fan of bodybuilding since seeing Yates guest pose when he was younger, get to work under his idol... which is a humbling, and educational experience.

Back when I used to train at an old Powerhouse on Long Island, the owner would play the 'Road to the Olympia' videos all the time. Very cool series, as you get about 10-15 mins with different pros as they're a few weeks out from the big show.