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Good BB Genetics, How Do I Know?


How do I know if I have good bodybuilding genetics?

I hear alot about wide clavicles, I think I'm good there.

I am pretty big for not gearing. 6'0. 220 pounds.

I think my joints are pretty small, my waist is 35 inches but my waist was like 27 in high school. So if i were to get pealed I'm sure I could get down to at least 30 inches.

I'm 6'0 tall which may be a little too tall..I have big calves and rarely work them, I also have good traps..My arms are pretty good, bi's and tri's.

My Shoulders are pretty big, although I need to work on my rear delts.

My legs are pretty big and my quads are pretty defined.

I'm not sure what they are talking about when they talk about full muscle bellies?

I've also heard about lats needing to be inserted low instead of high?

I guess my biggest issue is my appetite, it's terrible and whenever I get nervous I lose my appetite completely.

_ Adam


From Beerfest,

"If you have to ask, you can't afford it."

Dude, don't worry about it.


i think you have good proportions. maybe work on adding some thickness to your chest?

otherwise, i'd totally be down for MMF


Did you blow past the other serious trainees at your old gym?

Do you have the muscle-shape of the pro's?

Do you gain strength/size easily/fast?

Do you need to eat a fraction of what many of us have to eat in order to gain big time (ala max charles)?


Seriously, if you had great bb genetics, you'd know.

Check Brandon Curry's thread (Gifted was his nick I think) for example..

As for your size... You're definitely not small, but you have room for a lot more as a natty still.

It doesn't look like you have the muscle-shape that most high-level BB'ers had even early on in their lifting-career, to be honest.

Just from your pics I'd guess your genetics to be fairly average (That's not bad at all mind you... Same as the majority of people, though you obviously put some work in in order to not look like the majority).


As for height, there are huge bodybuilders from under 5 5" to over 6ft.


Knowing where your genetics fall on the bell curve is not going to get you to your goal (whatever it is) any faster.


But it's a damn good reason, or excuse, to blame your failures.


for the most part 90% of people have at least one genetic strength for bodybuilding. It's not completely "you have it or you don't" There are MANY other factors that come into play for a bodybuilder. Genetics seems to seperate the men from the boys when it comes down to things like the Arnold, or the Olympia. I know there are some people out there who have zero chance of ever stepping on stage as a competitor, but imo 90% of the population could probably prep for an amateur show and compete.

Now what is your genetic strength/weakness?

common strengths

put weight on easily
stay ripped
cut weight while holding muscle
good calves/legs
good chest/back
good arms
(last three meaning they are big even if your a couch potato)


can't get lean
can't build muscle easily
skinny fat and obese
long limbs
long torso and short limbs
wide waist

NOW some pro's are 'gifted' in that they may stay diced year round and have the ability to build mounds of muscle (DJAX) some can grow to unlimited amounts (Ronnie) Some build muscle going into a show (Levrone) Some can hold muscle and shape while dieting off fat (heath)


Genetics really only come into play when we are talking about shape. Things that you CANNOT control in the gym or on the plate. How your muscles attach, symmetry, etc. Some things are just out of your control.

Those with good structure and shape often have 'good genes' because muscle and fat can come and go with science.

The rest...your born with what you got!

sorry for the wall of txt lol hope that helps


Thanks for the feedback...I think I need to give up a few things I like in order to take my physique to the next level, for example I like to play semi-pro football which keeps me from being able to gain during the season.

  • Adam


"pretty good"
"pretty big"


max charles is a fucking liar

"i eat 2 cookies all day, and i can curl 225"

yeah, ok


i think i have like 4/5 of those weaknesses listed by Gerdy


Yip, Gerdy just about nailed it down. /thread


lift weights and see wat happens


Just be sure to get a really short girl so you two can try to meet in the middle.


Flex Wheeler in an interview said that bodybuilding is something that chooses you, you don't choose it. If people are treating you like a freak, it is a safe bet you have decent genetics. If they barely notice you lift if you so much as wear a long t-shirt, the answer is no.

I agree, the OP is not below average, however, the ones with the great genetics for this are the ones that make you say, "damn".


I agree with this too. No one should be judging their potential before they have put a good 3-5 years into this. If after that time most people consider you a "bodybuilder" (or whatever random stereotype for big muscles pops in their head)...then you have it in you.


besides, if you suck at BBing theres always PLing or strongman.


Actually the fact you people haven't ripped me a new one is a huge compliment! I think I'd do alright if I competed in the future, I'm not asking if you think I could compete in the Olympia.

I was more asking about general body structure.


whoa whoa whoa what do you mean by 'you people' huh?!?!

haha LMAO


from looking at your pics you possibly have the structure to compete someday...but then again you don't have pics that accurately judge.

If you want to do it, then do it because you want to and you enjoy it...don't do it just based off your genetics...know what I mean?

If you like to bodybuild then do it...if you like to lift weights and play football then do it.

thats my opinion