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Good Base? Ready to Start.....


I am going to follow a diet posted below, and basically I learned that if I eat clean I can gain muscle and fat will come off too.

Now the last problem I ran into is my workout. I read ALWAYS lift heavy and do multiple parts a day and I am having trouble finding a good workout.

This is my current new workout: any other recommendation. I really appreciate all the help. I know all my reps should go down, but not sure what is the sweet spot numbers. Or if someone could point me to a good workout

[After day 4, it just repeats with same body parts with different exercises]

DAY 1a:
Incline 4x12-15
Flat 3x12
Incline flys 3x12
Pec deck 3x12
Skull crushers 4x12-15
Rope extensions 3x12
Pushdown 3x12
Crunch 4x20-25
Knee raise 4x20-25

DAY 2a:
Wide grip chins 4x12-15
Wide rows 3x12
Narrow pulldown 4x12-15
Hyper extensions 3x12
Concentration curls 4x12-15
Ez bar curl 3x12


DAY 4a:
Squats 4x12-15
Leg extensions 3x12
Leg curl 4x12-15
Stiff deadlifts 3x12
Calf raise 3x12
Dumbell shoulder press 4x12-15
Lateral raise 3x12
Reverse cable fly 3x12
Smith machine shrugs 4x12-15
rope crunch 4x20-25
Hanging knee raise 4x20-25


DAY 1b:
Incline barbell bench 4x12-15
Flat barbell bench 3x12
Flat flys 3x12
Cable crossover 3x12
Reverse grip pushdowns 4x12-15
Dumbbell kickback 3x12
Dumbbel extension 3x12
Weight incline crunch 4x20-25
Hip thrust 4x20-25

DAY 2b:
Widegrip pulldowns 4x12-15
Bent over dumbbell rows 3x12
Good morning 3x12
One arm dumbbel row 3x12
Preacher curl 4x12-15
Dumbbell curl 3x12


DAY 4b:
Leg press 4x12-15
Lunges 3x12
Leg curl 4x12-15
Staight leg dead lifts 3x12
Standing calf raises 3x12-15
Smith machine press 4x12-15
Dumbbel lateral raise 3x12
Dumbbell rear delt flys 3x12
Upright rows 3x12
Weighted incline crunches 4x20-25
Hip thrusts 4x20-25


EATING PLAN: Get big and hopefully burn some fat.
Height: 5'10, 19 years old, indian, 130 pounds
around 15%BF+
Bench: 170ish max
Squat: 225 max
Deadlift: [Don't know yet because trying to perfect the form since my legs are already mangled.
Row: 145-150 max

3000-3500 cals a day

5 Egg whites plus 3 regular eggs
1/2 cup of oatmeal

Snack 1
1 cup of cottage cheese
1 Whole wheat english muffin with 1Tb spoon of natural peanut butter
1 Protein shake

7 oz of chicken
1 serving of veggies

1 sweet potato

After workout
1 Banana
1 Protein shake

Basically the same as lunch

Before Bed
1 Casein Protein shake


If you're trying to build lean muscle AND lose fat, then why would you want to drink a mass gainer even when you do not have a lot carbs throughout the day? What I'm getting at is that most weight gainers are primarily carbs, so it makes no sense. You would be better off throwing in another whole food source or eating a heartier dinner.

Also you have three goals listed in your post. Get big, build lean muscle, and lose fat. I should note you literally said "Get big and hopefully burn some cals," that makes no sense what so ever. You need to pick one goal, and do everything 100% to achieve that one goal till you get there. Set realistic goals, like getting to 150 lbs would be a very great goal for the near future for you.

At 19 yrs, 5'10" 130 lbs, I do not see how you are 15% BF unless you have very, very little muscular developement. Even if that is the case, I would recommend just eating whatever, just getting down a lot of food and lifting heavy on a consistent basis.

Tired of typing now, so that are just a few of things I spotted wrong here. I am sure someone else will critique. Hopefully it will be someone with some sense I've been reading some BAD advice lately in the 'ginners threads. Alright, back to the Rocky marathon on AMC tonight, peace.


I meant to say burn fat and get big, my mistake. I have muscle, but I think i am considered skinny fat.
Thanks for the post and you can't go wrong with rocky ha.

I feel confident in my eating regiment without the weight gainer, now I know I have to lift heavy, but I would just like a structured workout.


That still doesn't change anything, you need to do one OR the other. Get big or lose fat. Choose one and go do it.

Put it this way, at your experience and stats, you just need to eat and lift heavy. Worrying about losing fat is futile, I can pretty much guarantee that when you start lifting heavy on a consistent basis your body will tighten up more than you expect. After a month or so, if you feel like you need a little extra boost, start adding in some conditioning (like hill sprints a couple times a week). Your main goal right now should be getting strong and building a great foundation to build on for later REGARDLESS of what you're end result is (i.e. bodybuilding, powerlifting, looking like an Abercrombie fag, etcetera).


I guess that is what I meant, just incredibly TERRIBLE wording. My goal is to get big which will hopefully tighten me up. Basically follow my eating plan, following my workout but use HEAVY ASS weight.

Last question: Do you recommend skim milk or water with protein shakes. I personally enjoy milk.

Also I enjoy doing light spinning bike for 30min every other day after the workout, is this recommended?

Thanks once again


You're 130, don't worry about losing fat, get plenty of protein and lift hard.


That is what I am going for now, thanks to help from you guys.

Do you consider my exercises good, obviously using heavier weight I will do less reps.
Also do you think skim milk with all my protein shakes is better than water? Or maybe even use %1?
Lastly, is 30min of low cadio every other recommended?


Man that is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much volume and work for someone who only ways 130lbs and is a beginner. Seriously you must be going half assed on all the exercises if you think you need to do that much. Look up some good beginner programs that are tried and true, rather than design one yourself, im all for people designing their own but when the result is like the routine you just posted then man look at whats worked for MANY others such as starting strength. As for the so called "sweet spot numbers" (shakes head) seriously read a bit...

As for your diet, eat some carbs! your weighing 130lbs, you need to gain some mass...fat gains from what iv gathered is the least of your concerns atm...each more carbs (good quality ones though).


I'll agree with kursk. You're doing entirely too much. I refer to programs like this as "a bad waste of good groceries".

Pick three lifts per body part. Make the first one a heavy compound (3-5 reps), the second either a DB or unilateral variation (5-8 reps), and the third can isolate a weak spot or just finish depleting the muscle (5-10 reps).

Flat bench press 5x5
Incline DB press 3x5
Pec Deck 3x8

Now add a smaller body part to go along with the bigger one:

skull crusher 3x5
DB tri-press 3x8
pressdowns 3x10

You're out of the gym in an hour, you don't feel like you got run over by a bus, and all those groceries get a chance to do you some good.


Thanks for the advice, does this seem better?

Flat bench press 5x5
Incline DB press 3x5
Pec Deck 3x8
skull crusher 3x5
DB tri-press 3x8
pressdowns 3x10

Back/Bi [wasn't sure if I do the dumbbells or use the exercises I put down]
Bent OVer Barbell Row 5x5
Lat Pull Down 3x5
Seated Cable Rows 3x8
Standing Barbell Curl 3x5
Seated Alternate Dumbbell Curl 3x8
Hammer Curl 3x10

Squat 5x5
Leg Press 3x5
Stiff Leg Deadlift 5x5
Leg Extension 3x8
leg Curls 3x8
Standing Calf Raise 4x8
Seated Calf Raise 4x8

Military Press 5x5
Dumbbell Later Raise 3x5
Bent Over Reverse Crossover 3x8
Shrugs 5x5

Also where in my meal plan do you think I should add carbs, also all my protein shakes will be with 1% milk. I think I have enough carbs, but I rather take your guys word than mine since most of you have experience.

I truly appreciate all the help, turns out even after reading everything, advice really helps and reassures me.


Now I know that JayPierce said 3 sets per body part which is good advice, however dude you weigh 130lbs seriously you dont need to be doing some many sets per day, i mean your leg workout has 27 sets! you'll be struggling to fit that in under an 1 1/2 especially if your going really hard on the exercises. And leg extensions? wtf! your already doing squats and leg press as a raw beginner there is no need for you to do leg extensions! Look do something like starting strength 5x5 (look it up) its worked for so many small beginners im guesisng it will have an effect on you. The split you have now is ok if you have had some resonable experience training, but you are terribly raw and all the program you ahve now is going to do is have you completly exhausted at the end of your workout having half assed your way through an hour long marathon. Thats the sort of split that someone with a resonable experience would be thinking about using, why then would you a raw beginner think about undertaking it? take my advice and for your own sake cut back on the volume and do a routine that has a good following such as starting strength.


I understand what you are saying but I wouldn't consider myself a raw beginner. Trust me I use to be fat and very weak, and I've been doing the workouts posted all the way above. I will definitely take everything you said into account though. I see how I have to many sets for legs though.


Good advice coming from Jay and Kursk.

You remind me a little of me about 8 years ago as far as your mentality (from reading your responses). Do yourself a favor and drop your pride right now and just do what you are being told. It will take you further, and save you a lot of headache along the way if you are serious about this. You're trying to justify what you've posted. Not trying to bash you at all, but act more like a sponge.

Everyone starts somewhere.

Look into Starting Strength, Strong Lifts 5x5, Wendler's 5/3/1, or Westside For Skinny Bastards by Joe Defranco. Those are four solid programs to get you started.

As far as diet, just eat man. Between meals if you feel like you need the extra calories and/or protein, use a protein supplement. If you like milk in your shakes, use it. Doesn't matter if it is whole milk, 2% milk, or skim. Don't make any of this complicated, it probably seems like there is some magic to it, but it boils down to SMART hard work, food, and persistance.

Keep asking questions if you need.


Thanks to everyone and I really didn't mean to come off like that. I am going to start the strong lift 5x5 program. I truly appreciate all the help and support.


Solid choice, now don't forget to eat to gain all that muscle you want





That split looks good man, similar to mine. If you can recover good and get stronger on the main lifts, high volume is the way to go.


I'm a beginner, so I definitely concede this point if someone more experienced wants to contradict me, but one suggestion I would make would be to vary your repetition ranges for compound movements that work the same muscle group. An example par excellence would be the squat and leg press--doing one for 5 reps is fine, but perhaps do the other for 8-12.

A few other comments:
-anecdotally, calves seem to respond better to high repetition training with higher frequency.
-you could stand to lose the pec dec on chest/tri day. I would recommend adding in weighted dips.
-I would swap out one of your three bicep exercises for another compound back movement--perhaps pullups.
-For military press, make it a standing overhead press.
-You should hit legs twice a week.

Other than that, I would suggest dropping all of this stuff and getting on an actual program. 5/3/1, max-ot, bbb, whatever.


thanks man, I am not sure if I should follow this of Stronglifts 5x5.


I would just do the split you laid out, just eat to grow.