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Good Barbecue Grills?

Hai guys, I’m looking for a BBQ grill. It’s the first time I have to purchase this so Idon’t know where should I start. What are the good brands? What are the parameter and quality features to look for?

Money is not really an issue, but I still want good value for the money spent.

90% of the time I’ll cook, it’ll be for 1 person, but I want something powerful that can cook for up to 4.

Weber Genesis is pretty good. Its not fancy but it seems to be high quality.

I have a one-touch Weber model - charcoal. Charcoal over gas is more of an art to learn but gas is convenient. I hear people say they can taste the difference but i have cooked some fantastic meals on both where no one left complaining.

So, if $$ isn’t a worry, then why not get a gas-charcoal combo with a smoking box on the end. You can do either, or and all with that.

Weber has also been tried and true for me.

Get one with vertical burners. At least 2 of them(3 is better), will make indirect grilling a lot easier for you.

I also have a weber. It’s a step down from the Genesis because I needed a side burner since I do my deep-frying outside and the Genesis’s didn’t have one.

I’ve had the Weber since Christmas and I really like it. I had a Charbroil Commercial Grade prior to that but once I moved close to the ocean it basically fell apart in a short amount of time.

Go with Weber, especially if $ isn’t an issue.