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good bar and plates

I was looking at Eleiko site (the ones used at the olympics) and a 182.5K set bumper plates costs 2500 $!!!


any other good ones? an not so pricey?


Chapman bar and Rb rubber bumper plates run about 950.


What do you need bumpers for?

How much weight can you handle inthose exercises?

Now that you thought that through - Buy a good bar and a few bumpers to get going. I only have 2 - 45’s and 2 - 25’s, that does the trick for me right now. Cost me $160.00 for the bumpers at jesupgym.com. Plan on buying more next year. Got the bar for a birthday present, so no idea on price…

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I’m guessing you’re looking at Eleiko’s Training Line. Competition Line set will set you back over 3 large. Eleiko’s are world class bars, but you may or may not need that kind of workmanship in your training bar. Check out York or Ivanko - a PL bar might be around 300, OL bar around 400 for York (Ivanko under 3 bills). Pick a bar based on the majority of your lifting. You’ll only need bumpers if you’re going to be dumping weight from waist high or higher…on a frequent basis. Bumpers may be up to $60 more expensive than a regular cast iron plate. Per plate. That shizzle adds up pretty quick if you want to have nothing but bumpers on the bar. I’d say grab one or two sets of bumper plates, and the rest cast iron if you want to get that set under a grand. Otherwise a full bumper set will run a little over.
Check out ironmind, too. They got some good sets. Might want to check out any used fitness equipment stores in your area also.

thanks guys
let me get this straight, If Im using my weights for OL/PL, and I want to drop them, I can squat/dead 150K easy , C&J 100K and want to be able to dump it, so I need only 2 45’s bumpers and the rest iron?

what kind of mat/padding should I get? I live in the 10th floor(rented)…

You might piss off your neighbors (or worse) regardless of what type of plates you use. Are your floors concrete or wooden? Anyway, I agree about the Chapman plates, I saw a 160kg set with bar for $860 on bsolympicgym.com. Not sure if that site has a good rep or not and I’m sure the shipping charges will be insane.

I have the 9th and 10th floor and will put my home gym on the upper floor ofcourse.

Agree with Slaymaker. Jesup Gym is a great place, with good stuff. Ask for Rex, he will take care of you. Also, check out www.safe-usa.com. Scott Safe is a great guy and will listen to what you want and steer you in the right direction. His daughter is a state champion weight lifter. Good luck.

I got my mats from newyorkbarbells.com. I got the thickest one they had and it was really cheap. One mat should be large enough as long as you don’t throw the bar to far. But you could get two for good measure. It isn’t as good as a platform, but its the closest you can get without paying over a grand.

I got USA 5683 - Rubber Flooring
3/4" X 48" X 72" - 96 lbs.
Reg. $69.95; Sale $54.95

Build your own platform. Deepsquatter.com has a good plan for one. Your floors may be concrete, but the platform will spread out the impact from dumping the bar. Plus, the whole mental psyche from stepping up on the platform for a set.

check out bigger faster stronger site theys ell cheap but good bars amd hampton bumpers

cheapest bumpers are here :slight_smile:


Make sure to check around on ebay and newsgroups . . .

I got a full set of Ivanko olympic calibrated bumpers for $900 from a private seller.

They are awesome.

I’ll probably get an Ivanko bar next time:

Maybe I’m a dick, but I wouldn’t buy a brass buttplug from anyone or anything affiliated with bigger,faster, stronger. To me they represent everything wrong with weight training in athletics. What a bunch of horseshit. Ahhh, I feel better now.