Good Bacteria Work Even When They Are Dead

Probiotics, or good bacteria, are one of the few supplements that I recommend for all of our new patients. Once they are healthy I advise them that it is not likely necessary that they continue with them, but most nearly everyone seems to benefit from some initial doses of good bacteria. Many experts debate the optimal timing of these supplements to ensure that the largest amount of them are actually able to make it alive and intact through the stomach juices and into the intestine. Now this new research makes it appear that the timing of the probiotics may be a moot issue as a U.S.-led research team now says that you don’t need live bacteria to boost your digestive system, just their DNA.

Wow! Who would have thought…

Very interesting, Dan. I’ve been struggling with the whole probiotic issue as I was focusing on the delivery system (keeping the bacteria alive beyond the stomach), and I started to become very skeptical about the label claims.

Now I can just take the supps with confidence, and throw down some youghurt as well, to boot. Sweet!

Thanks again…that article was a good read.


Good thing indeed.

I would not have liked to be forced to buy Primal Defense as the only possible alternative. Big claims but big price too.