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"Good Bacteria" Article: Questions and Notes

I’m sure we’ve all read through the article suggesting an increase in the amount of foods we eat containing “Good Gut” Bacteria. My question based on the reading is this:

If I were to buy sauerkraut, is it fermented and beneficial?

This is based on the distinction made in the article when the author writes, “fermented pickles” as a great food choice. I suppose I thought that the act of picking •suggests• fermentation. This leads me to think that maybe not all store bought saurkraut is fermented. Otherwise, in the example I provide above wouldn’t the author just write “pickles,” instead of specifying “fermented pickles?”

Returning to my original question, Should I be looking for “fermented” sauerkraut? Should I be striving to make it myself? Thoughts and suggestions would be great.

if the kraut says it’s been pasteurised, then don’t buy it

Okay, thank you. Now I have a better idea of what to look for.

Joe Rogan was talking about drinking kombucha teas to aid in digestion i guess its an aquired taste. Former world’s strongest man winner, bodybuilder, powerlifter, Jon Paul Siggmorson used to drink a kefir like drink several times a day. This is a guy who could win WSM at 300 plus , then compete at a shredded 250 plus , so he was on to something.

I’ve read about the kumbuchi drinks. Have thought about making it myself, it’s just a matter of taking the time out to gather the materials. For now, I’m going with sauerkraut and will gradually add in more of these pre/probiotic super foods. Don’t wanna throw too much in at once and burnout.

Thanks, man.