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Good Articles on Low Carb Diets?


Allright guys,

Im trying to do some game planning for the cut that im going to start in a few weeks. I've never done the low carb thing but i think im gonna give it a shot since my bf is realitively high (between 17 and 20) proubly, im a bit of a naturally chubby guy.

Does anyone have any good reads that help outline the frame work for a low carb diet? Any info anyone could provide would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.


Reading the anabolic diet book would be the very first thing you should do. After that, read the "My Experience on the Anabolic Diet" thread. There's like 250 pages but what you need to know should be in the first 40 or 50.

Good luck, it's a fun lifestyle.
I hope this helped.





Try Frontline Fat Loss by Barr at http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1628994 . It's similar to the Anabolic Diet. I've lost almost 30 pounds since July and it's still going down, so I guess it works.


There are a ton of good articles here on T-Nation about it. One of the biggest questions is whether you want to use a ketogenic diet (carbs specifically restricted enough to go into ketosis), a low carb diet (carbs restricted, but ketosis avoided), or a quality carb diet (no sugar, white flour, potatoes, but no attempt to restrict carb quantity).


Im shooting for a low carb diet, not a ketogenic diet.


Yeah, hit up the anabolic diet (AD). Get the ebook and read the thread. or, do it the other way round. The 'meat' of the diet is laid out in mdragons thread.


can you tell me where i can find the anabolic diet ebook? Im new to T-Nation..... Thanks


I take it you haven't visited the "My Experience on the Anabolic Diet" thread yet, or you would've known what the book is by now.

It's an eBook, actually. I believe the link is http://www.qfac.com/books/anabolic.html. Others, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


I guess you haven't read the "My Experience on the Anabolic Diet" thread or you would've known by now after the first couple of pages. Anyway, I believe the original is an eBook available at http://www.qfac.com/books/anabolic.html. I haven't read it, so other posters should feel free in correcting me if I'm wrong.