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Good Articles Everyone Should Read + Podcasts

Bored at work, and have time to kill.
Looking at articles on T-Nation, what is your suggestion on what articles everyone should read?

Very interesting article, doesn’t just apply to crossfitters. I think you can include runners as well. I find it funny because a lot of the crossfitters I’ve met claim to be lifelong athletes. A real athlete gets paid for what they do, which means your talent is so rare that people pay money to see it. I played plenty of sports as a kid, basketball was the one I gravitated to the most, but when I was thinking of trying out for D1, I was no where near the same level as the other guys. True athletes are in a different realm, they’re a different type of human.


Only have article recommendations for other sites lel


Srsly tho would recommend mike israetel’s blog stuff thru Renaissance Periodization e.g Volume Landmarks and Hypertrophy Guides for various body parts

As a thoroughly unbiased opinion, teehee, I’d say a few to start with are the “best of’s” that pack a lot of general info into one article.

Poliquin’s Top 20 Tips
Dan John’s Top 10 Tips
Berardi’s Top 10 Tips
Amit Sapir’s Top 10 Tips
Thib’s Top 7 Tips
5 Knocks to the Weightlifting Head
37 Tips and Tales from Dave Tate
Wendler’s Blood and Chalk Series, parts 1-11. (Part 1 is here, the rest are simple to find)
Art of Waterbury
11 Principles of Bodybuilding Training from Dr. Clay Hyght
5 Timeless Lessons

They’ve also been doing a bunch of compilation articles with a group of different coaches tackling one question at a time, everything from “best advice for triceps” to “overlooked foods you should be eating” to “worst current fitness trend”.


@Chris_Colucci some of those articles are GOLD!

My 2 favorite are:


x2 those 40 years articles are gold

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Thanks @Chris_Colucci & @isdatnutty looks like i’ve got some reading to do!

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Good read

Read all the ones about loaded carries.

I didn’t want to start a new thread just for this question,
can anyone reference some good podcast to listen to aswell?


Mas Macros, obviously.

This sorta-recent thread talked about podcasts in general, not just training stuff. For training, I’d put Iron Radio up on the list, too.

Thanks Chris!
I knew someone had a podcast because they had a thread for the Mas Macros shirt, however I couldn’t for the life of me, remember the name of it!