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Good Article Suggestion


I think it was TC who said whever he saw a good article, he printed it out and put it in a folder, and then when he was waiting somewhere, he would pull out the folder and read one.

As summer approaches and school lets out, I will have more time for reading. I also have 500 pages left of free printing available until the end of next week.

So what are some good articles you can suggest to read? Links, short e-books, any subject.


IMO anything written by Chris Shugart, often very funny and informative. Even the ones that weren't tailored to what I was looking for have been worth reading.


I have read most of the stuff on this site, I was just looking for more "general" subjects - could be history, philosophy, politics, just something to read to pass some time. I would be interested in just about any subject.


You could try googleing "E-books" or "Free e-books". Also History, science, literature, military, MMA, fighting, war, geography, building, carpentry, guns, muscle cars, off road trucks, animals, reptiles, dinosaurs, fishing, hunting, roman empire, christianity,....ect.

Thats what Ive done in the past. Just go through the links, find good looking articles, select all, and print. Dont pre-read, just skim or glance, then shuffle them all up, put in a folder, when your bord pull one random one out and read.


I want a thread on art. I've used the search function and I can't find one. If anybody sees one, will they point it out to me like?