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Good Aromasin Sources


The recent debate/thread regrding differing theories on PCT has interested me (if you've been on the site the past few days you MUST have read the Anthony Roberts PCT thread!!)

I gotta say I am intrigued by Anthony Roberts PCT protocol and, for the sake of science at least, I would love to become a human guinea pig and try out the protocol.

Just one problem, sources for AROMASIN are scarce and ones that I can find online are very expensive. My local source (although quite good) does not pack Aromasin. Cheapest I could find in the net is 50 tabs for $120. Cheaper than most other sites but I am unsure whether the site is legit (cash flow isnt that great at the moment either).

There would seeem to be little point trying the protocol if I am unable to source AROMASIN, given that it is, according to the theory, the only logical choice as regards a post cycle AI.

Anyways, I thought I might ask you guys whether you knew of any reliable sources (online or whatever) for Aromasin.

Any help is greatly appreciated... PM me if posting the source in the public forum would be innapropriate.

Cheers Guyz


Also forgot to say that the sources must ship international (Europe)



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www.ag-guys.com sells research chems like Aromasin.

Two guys here in NJ ran my pct, and one left out the Aromasin, and he just didn't have the aggressiveness in the gym that Aromasin would have helped with.


I read the interview recently when Anthony said that sites that advertise other selling sites are to be avoided. Well that is what I see hapening here. What the hell is going on?
tin can



ANyway, why would aromasin be a better choice then letro?

ALso just for my own amusement, could you explain what about p-22's pct protocol makes it an ineffective one? If that's to much of a jack just let me know and I'll start a seperate thread.


Well, yeah, it's a jack...

But really, I can't address every member of every site's PCT. I mean...I could address the major schools of thought, but as for addressing every random person's personal PCT regimen, thats just beyond the scope of what's possible.

I'll address written out, referenced, researched, and tested PCT's only.


The reason why I resent Anthony posting sources is because of the "Anabolic internet" article that was posted not long ago where it says

"...Also the website's staff (admin, owners & moderator) themselves aren't distributors of anablolic steroids or "sources"...

Well the way I see it Anthony is obviously related to A-G guys with their insane prices so Anthony may not be a distributor but related to them which violates what the guy was saying in the article. This is the way I see it. If I am wrong please tell me how.

By the way I would never say this if what was said in the article was never written. Just paying attention to what's going on. So sorry if it appears like a hijack, it just dosen't seem right.

                 tin can


I don't resent much of anyone based on the internet. Real life on the other hand...I just downright fucking hate some people and pray for them to die.

I made the correlation Tin Can, could have pointed it out to, but I just laughed instead when I saw those chump prices.


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A "source" sells steroids. A research chem company is what AG-Guys are. Big difference. AG isn't selling steroids.

If you sell the products they do, in liquid form and unflavored, for research purposes only, then you are not a source (i.e. you do not sell steroids), but rather you are a chemical supply company.

Look up the part of that article concerning research chems, not "sources".

Also, I'm neither a distribotor nor do I get money from the sales of any supplements, research chems, or steroids on the internet, regardless of who sells them.

It's interesting to note that a month ago some people on the internet claimed I was actually buisness partners with AG-Guys main competitor, and this month, someone else claims I'm partners with AG-Guys.

Who am I related to, on the internet? I'm a writer, who wrote a book on anabolic steroids, and I am partners with Brian Clapp (who is, himself, partners with AG-Guys' main competitor)!

Other than that, I do tons of research and articles for whoever wishes to contract my services (T-Nation, etc...).

I hope this clears things up. Or not. Next month, I'm sure people will have moved on and be speculating that I'm in league with IBE (another research chem company) or whoever...

Yeah. The guy who gets Underground gear thinks that the guy who gets Human-Grade is paying chump prices.

The guy who gets powders thinks the guy who pays for Underground Gear is paying chump prices.

It's all in who you are, and who you know. You get stuff in powder form (and yeah, I know exactly what kind of prices you get), and I think you pay "chump prices".

...because I pay nothing for anything related to steroids, and typically get access to products months before they appear on any price lists (I was the first on the internet to use Masteron Enanthate, Tren Enanthate, etc...and a slew of other products that weren't even out yet).

"Chump" is a relative term, is what I'm saying.


I do and will be the first to agree, it's all relative.

For the record I kinda see where just about anything you say is going to get some flack. I doubt you're losing any sleep over it, however you have to see it coming where you recently write an article talking about AAS and "research chems" and vaguely say to stay away from most of them, then turn around and give someone a site for a research chem that most people aren't too familiar with. IMO you're probably just trying to help the guy out. But you can clearly see how that looks. SHould you have said nothing at all? Like you said, it's all in who you are. As for the guy I had in mind, he doesn't sell AAS so he wouldn't be a source.


I never said to stay away from anything!

(Except invite boards!)

That was an interview...I write about steroids for a living...so if I interview a lawyer, and she says to stay away from steroids, thats certainly not my advice....

But no, I'm not losing any sleep over anything...


You're absolutely right bro. My mistake I was in a rush when I wrote that and to be 100% honest completely forgot about the lawyer in the that interview. I do apologize.


No biggie...I interviewed quite a few lawyers when I wrote my book...even THEY didn't agree on everything...


AG-Guys suck. They are over priced and offer shit in a bottle. I know - I have some of their shit. Any research chem site can beat their price and their quality.


I've never heard any complaints on them. I have read some of your finer work in some intvite only forums concerning me...where you were supported by the usual cast and crew of my haters...but nothing about AG was said in those threads...

I believe this particular piece (Aromasin) is up in LOI, whilc my full PCT is up on MM? Don't know, haven't looked in awhile...