Good arm program

What’s everyones favorite arm program, and which one have people had the most success with?

Ian King’s Great Guns.

Larry Scott’s Biceps Tri-Set…

Substituting my curls with chins=)

This is the Scott Tri-Set (With the addition of a Brachialis exercise):

1st Set: Heavy Dumbbell Preacher Curls (Heavy; may “cheat”. End with four burns.)

2nd Set: Wide-Grip Barbell Preacher Curls (Strict)

3rd Set: EZ curl bar, Reverse, Heavy Cheat Curls (End with four burns.)


Lat Machine Overhead Curls OR Spider Bench Curls (End with 4 burns).

The one I’ve had the most success with is: whether I’m doing heavy/low reps; medium/higher reps; and/or concentration type exercises: is to work the muscle fully and contract it a full second or more. Even a light workout with bulging the bis up and holding it, has pumped them up, literally! I also do a curl type (barbell, bowflex cables, even db) and a supination (db, cable, concentration-type) curl in every workout. Plus after EACH and every set, I hold the double bis pose for 15 seconds or so.