Good Appetite Suppressant?

I’m on full dose HOT-ROX right now, but it isn’t doing anything to kill my appetite.
I’m currently doing 1900-2300 kcals a day, and I’m having a hard time dealing with the hunger.

What is a good non-stimulant suppresant?

Is Hoodia a good choice?

I’d like to buy it this afternoon, so pls post any suggestions asap.


What about smoking?

prolly not the answer you’re looking for, but performing a few vacuums when I’m hungry really works at driving the hunger away.

And save some money while you’re at it!

I don’t think HOT-ROX kills hunger. I found that drinking tons of water keeps me pretty full.

As long as you’re eating every 2-4 hours, you shouldn’t be feeling hungry. If you are, are you sure you’re eating enough?

The range of calories you are eating looks vaguely familiar…

When on the velocity diet, the HOT-ROX seemed to help a little but definitely did not remove any hunger pains. I’ve tried phentermine, and other stimulants and they work to blunt hunger very well. I could never get to sleep on them and they require prescriptions, so it’s not really fair to compare them to OTC stuff.

I’ve lost more fat and less lean body mass while on HOT-ROX, and the latest stuff seemed to give me fewer jitters than the early stuff.
Good Luck on your leaning endevors

Stay very warm.

Eat more brocolli.

Tons of water and green veggies.

I’ve had good luck w/ Citrimax/Hydroxy Citric Acid, seemed to help and atleast used to be fairly cheap.