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Good Appetite Suppressant?


What is a good product that works well with suppressing appetite? Also anyone have links to good resources on 2000kcal per day diets?


You're going to need to help us out here. Why do you want it? Are you male or female? Why are you eating 2k calories? What's your goal? Most of the time if you're eating right you shouldn't need much supressing. Tell us more and you might get more help.


Male, 42, 234 @ 32.5% BF. Need to cut the BS and get down to 15%. Diet has been crap all my life, don't like veggies or fruit, but need to start.

Doc says my BMR is 1919 I figure a 2000Kcal diet plus getting off my fat ass and working out consistently should get me where I want to go.

Appetite suppressant is to help me get started, I am hungry too often, and eat too much each meal to feel full.


Change your eating before you try a appetite suppressant. You are nearly 1/3 fat, with almost 80 lbs of fat on you. Otherwise, you need to change habits, not popping pills.


Disclaimer: I've never used appetite suppressants, or been overweight but here are a few tricks of the trade.

If you are always snacking, try chewing sugar-free gum.

Drink some herbal tea, or water, or diet soda when you get the itch.

Plan your meals for the day, write it down, and stick to the plan. If it isn't on the plan, it doesn't go in your mouth. Really. You can do anything for one day. Then just do it again the next day.

NUMBER ONE TRICK - Let your body get used to feeling a little bit hungry. The eating is a habit you can break. Seriously, it beats being fat or dead.

Good luck. There are plenty of people on here who were once heavy and are now looking hot.


foods with fibre and protein


Yes over 76lbs of fat. I want to drop to no more than 25lbs of fat on me then see how things settle from there. After seeing all the latest blood tests including my Testosterone being 190, I have had enough. Time for the bull shit to stop. I have 3 kids and a grandson and I want to be able to do things with them and be healthy/ strong and active in my 90's. I won't make it till then the way things are going.




oh wait..this isnt sama... sorry. Zenedrine? I guess.




You said you don't like veggies. I don't like vegetables out of a can, or steamed either. Learning to cook some veggies will really help you to stay full on a high protein diet.

Throw some cauliflower or broccoli florets in a bowl.
Toss with a Tablespoon or 2 of olive oil, sea salt, and two or three cloves of crushed garlic.
Put it on a baking sheet in your oven at about 375 for 15 or 20 minutes.
Check in and toss them around a couple of times during baking.
Fresh green beans are good like this too.
You can do this in a wok on some high heat if you prefer over baking.

My favorite thing is to do this with a pound of brussel sprouts. Cut them in half, toss with the olive oil, sea salt, garlic, maybe add a teaspoon of sugar and carmelize those things in really hot skillet. Yum!


Time to get with the program.

This is about you being there for your family. When you get tired, frustrated, or want to quit, remember your family.


High fiber foods, and learning to hide 'fillers' such as veggies. When I need a meal, with a decent amount of protein, but low cals, and I'm famished, I'll throw an entire bag (Trader Joes) of peppers and onions into a cup of liquid egg whites (125 cals, 25g prot).

Season that up with some Molly McButter cheese sprinkles and some Mrs. Dash Chipotle seasoning, and it feel like you ate a hell of a lot more. Use oatmeal as your staple carb source (very filling), and make sure you're getting some healthy fat (flameouts) as well as dietary fat slows digestion of other foods.



Roasted brussel sprouts are indeed the sh**t. I add diced turkey bacon with my roasted sprouts. Tasty.


^You got The Mighty Stu to come over here and give you some cooking tips.

You should see that as a sign that you were meant to get ripped.

Here's another recipe for a Creole seasoning, an alternative to Mrs. Dash's Chipotle. I double this recipe and use it on grilled shrimp, salmon, chicken, roasted potatoes, and sometimes veggies.


It starts here.


Thanks guys I really appreciate the support. I wasn't always like this. Until about age 32/33 I was always under 190lbs. come to find out I have been suffering low test since about age 33 or so. Docs just blew it off so with my bad diet things started spiraling downward to where I am now. But I will bail my fat arse out of this! :slight_smile:


Planning your meals ahead will make a big difference.

Learning to tolerate hunger is a required skill. You don't need a suppressant, you need a distraction. Practice, practice, practice.....


Watch the documentary Fat Head. It is on Netflix streaming and may be on Hulu. Try out the diet it purports.


How are things going Toshiero? When are we gonna see your workout log go up?

Here's Shelby Starns article from this week incase you missed it.

I'd be really wary of Nicorette gum.