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Good All Around Multi?

im looking for a multivitamin that has all the vitamins an athlete needs in a day to replenish himself, along with minerals, joint support, hormone support, has all the b vitas, possibly some fish oils , vitamin D, etc etc, basically are there any good all in one nutritional supplements?Because Im kind of tired of having six different bottles of pills sitting out on my desk to make sure i get enough of what Im supposed to have.

Im a college athlete, workout about 2 hours a day on average, and work 30 hours a week, and not to mention class, homework and studying. Just looking for opinions, it can be a vitapak, or whatever, And i was also wondering about opinions on Biotest’s Superfood, opinions, etc etc.

Biotest Superfood is good, I take it mainly for the EGCG and sulforaphane.

I don’t know about any joint support/hormone support or whatever, but if you want fish oil, get Flameout.

If you want a good multi, look into LEF Two-Per-Day, or Poliquin Complete Multi Iron-Free. I would recommend adding in extra zinc and magnesium (glycinate or threonate) to the above multi’s.

Elitepro Minerals is also very good but it is not a ‘complete’ multi and is not meant to be one.