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Good After Workout Breakfast?

My boss (who got me on to this site) was saying carbs ar good, this much I know. But if I want to drop fat don’t eat carbs with fatty foods. So for my breakfast after I work out I have given up my hash browns for more eggs.

This is what I have been eating:

3 or 4 scrabled egges with some bacon and whole wheat toast.

I also heard it’s best to have your fats early in the day?

Ya or Nay?


The workout complicates things a bit. Ideally, you’d like to get some fast acting carbs and proteins right after the workout. Something like Surge for example would be ideal.

Anyway, following that, something with carbs and protein, as in real food, would be great.

You probably don’t ever want to mix a lot of fat with a lot of carbs, but you don’t have to freak out as long as one of the two is kept quite low every meal.

It might take some searching, but I know this issue has been discussed and that more knowledgeable folks have given answers. People such as Dave Barr, Lonnie Lowery and John Berardi. I can’t remember exactly who or exactly where though…

Thanks Vroom,

Ya I figured after a morning workout some carbs would be good that?s why I kept the wheat toast. I just figured that it was better to give up the hasbrowns in favor of some more protein since the hashbrowns are most likely cooked in pounds of butter. I just didn’t wana give up my bacon = )

[quote]sma92878 wrote:
I also heard it’s best to have your fats early in the day?[/quote]

Generally you’d want your Protein + Carbs meals early, and your Protein + Fat meals later in the day - especially if your workout is early.

What are you currently eating before your workout?

Toast + fat isn’t exactly ideal post workout either - like vroom said, you’d be far better off with something like Surge.