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Good, Affordable Power Rack

Who makes a good, affordable power rack for home use? body solid is my definition of affordable but is it junk? I’ve seen some brands that are $1500 and up over at elitefts. Trying to find a used one locally (pittsburgh area) but having no luck. Thanks

its there to be your safety net. simple. i wouldnt go cheap on my safety.

but there are plenty of ppl on this site that have built there own for cheap enough.

run a search…


There’s the one I have…maybe keep your eye on it. I got it like 2 months ago or less and when I bought it it was on sale for 350 w/ free shipping. It was recommended by another lifter on this site and it has been great so far. 1500lb capacity for the cage, 400lb capacity for the dip bars.

I recently bought the Body Solid rack and I love it. Obviously I’m not pushing its limits as far as weight goes but it seems sturdy as hell. I’d trust it with my life for sure.

Would you go for the lat/low row attachment too? I’ve ordered that but it’s still 10 weeks away so I can’t comment on it.

thanks for response. I ran a search on here and the body solid rack seems to get good reviews. I went to the body solid site and it seems they offer two versions with the upper end one offering a lifetime warranty and the other a ten year. The lat pull down would be nice but is a luxury I can’t afford. Is a dipping attatchment included?

I wasn’t aware of more than one version of the rack. I just bought the one my local fitness supplier had in stock! I had to assemble it myself so if anything went wrong I’d be having to blame my own handiwork. It would have been much easier with two people but then I would have had to split the credit.

There’s no dipping attachment as far as I’m aware. The rack itself is too wide for dips but if you were handy with a welder you could probably make something that fitted.


Got my rack here and I’ve been happy with it.