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Good Advice for Quads


man some of those quad exercises look brutal on the knees

yeah not exactly sold on those frog leg squats. i seriously doubt their effectiveness makes up for how retarded they look

I dunno, if I had leg development like that I would be doing frog leg squats in the shortest shorts I could find every time I trained legs ;]

just from my experience today, really close foot placement on leg presses seem to allow me to move more weight and much easier.

i added 20 pounds to my leg press today and got only 1 less rep

also, last week i did a 20 rep set but i had to get up because the pump was so intense, i did this like 3 times before i could finish.

this week i used the same weight but had closer foot placement and did 25 reps and sailed through that shit.

its probably just your quad development. you probably have strong outer quads (whereas i have strong inner quads) so a narrower stance recruits your stronger muscles.

The point of the article isn’t really to say you should do those exrcises if you want big legs. It is to understand the importance (to bodybuilding) of having complete development. It’ll make them look bigger. Thats the message.