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good ab routine?

Hey. I need some help. I am having a very hard time getting a good ab routine going. I have been doing EDT, and now EDT phase 2, for the last six weeks, and these workouts are killers. But I get virtually no ab work in, and I REALLY need ab work, as my midsection is by far my weakest area. I have been doing the “Thinking Man’s Guide to Abs” for about 2 months now, but am not feeling any “burn” when I do this workout any longer. My diet is excellent - clean food almost all the time, supplementing at present with Surge after workouts.
I think I read a posting recently that mentioned an ab routine by a fellow T-magger, Thibodeau (sorry if the spelling is wrong). Does anybody know what this is. I hope someone can help. My abs are really needing some major attention. THanks to anyone who can lend a hand. Appreciate it.


The ab routine by Christian Thibadeau is in this weeks issue of “Testosterone”.

I tell you…it looks like a burner…and it doesn’t seem like it’s for the weak!

(By the way…there is a thread discussing the circuit also…)

Turst me on this. Doing all that fancy shit is fine if you have the time. But for me use te rope atachmenet on the cable machine and do crunches using this. 5 sets of 10-12 reps is killer. Make sure you use a decent weight though. Your abs won’t blow up like you may think they will if you use a lot of weight.

Good lord, does the online mag (the REASON there is a forum) ring a bell to you? I know, I know, it’s an article from LONG ago, and you’re having trouble finding it. Maybe if you put a little effort into it, you’ll be successful. Just my opinion, though.

See, folks, you can flame someone who needs it and provide useful info at the same time.

Lorne, you do realize that there’s an actual Testosterone Magazine that’s put out, not just this forum…right? If you click on the “this week’s issue” button at left, it’ll take you to the mag. The ab routine you’re asking about is in “this week’s issue”…

Progressive resistance, rope crunche or simple normal crunches holding a plate say 25 pounds to start with, progressvely increasing resistance just as in other exercises, why do you need to burn, increase the weight or sets and they will grow

Sol, this is an oversimplification that doesn’t take into accounts many factors:

a) YES, the abdominal muscles (as human striated muscle tissue) respond much as the other muscles do.

b) The rectus abdominis (six pack) is not the only muscle in the abdominal complex. There are internal obliques, external obliques, transversus abdominis and one could even include associated muscles: quadratum lumborum, rotatores, mutifidus and illiopsoas.

c) Training the abs is not all about increasing the size. It’s much more about improving their function! The abs complex has several functions, they are involved in: trunk flexion, lumbar stabilization (isometric strength), trunk rotation, trunk lateral flexion, and combination of these single functions.

As a result the abs need special care for optimal development. To get the biggest effect you must train the develop all the functions of the abs complex (not just trunk flexion). Also, you must not focus on a single portion of the abdominal system (six pack). It is important to develop all the muscles in the abdominal system, in fact if anything the rectus abdominis is the least important portion of the system. When training abs think FUNCTION. The abdominals are not hugely hypertrophyc muscles so the key is to focus on improving their capacity in all of their possible funcitons.

How do you get to this forum wihtout checking into T-MAG ? Check out the article from Christian and educate yourself on abs. It’s not all about the burn. There’s so much more to it than training for just the “six pack”. When you’ve figured that out you will begin to appreciate an article like this weeks issue in T-MAG. Read on…