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Good 4 or 5-day Split?


Hi there,

I was just wondering if anyone knows a good bodybuilding routine (yes, not only the core lifts but some accessory movements to target smaller muscle groups) that is composed of 4 or 5 days per week.

Now that I have started university, I have 45 to 50 minutes every weekday to train.

Could someone post a link or let me know about a good programme that is based on short but intense workouts? Going to the gym 4+ days a week is not a problem. Its just that I cannot squeeze in more gym time at one shot due to a tight daily schedule.

Your input is greatly appreciated !




BUMP please.

anyone? I would like to start tomorrow. Could anyone help out?


All right I will bite.

By the way who is the eating/gaining going?? still keeping it up I hope.

Any way the first one I suggest I dont feel gets enough attention anymore.


Its a four day split that will have you doing 3-4 supersets per session of 5 sets each . It is BRUTAL but should be doable in the 45-50 minutes if you dont dilly dally and is sure to pack on some size if you eat for it.

Second one would be Staleys new 21 day itch program


With this you should be able to make it fit into your schedule as you go as it allows a LOT of variance some being easily done outside the gym.

Other than those shoot ABBH1, 2 Quatro Dynomo, really all CW's stuff is 4-5 days or mre and are breif

I love EDT and you could easily make a 4-5 day split that would kill the average trainee in 30-50 mins.

Good luck and hope that helps,


Hey Phill thanx for your help.

Thanx for asking, eating and gaining is coming along slow but steady.

I would like to know: which of the programmes you outlined would you recommend me to start from tomorrow itself?

I did ABBH and after finishing, I have been doing Ian King's Top Ten Mass Makers with various set/rep parameters (ok, so its not exactly a "programme" but it includes all the basic compound lifts and then some)

So which should it be? And do I have to superset in the prescribed programmes or could I just do straight sets?

Anyways, hoping to hear from you.



Ah did you read them???

If they call for supersets like in the OVT and EDT then yes. In both the super sets a a very critical part of the program, and with your limitled time I would suggest it anyway.

The 21 day itch I think you could mainly design without it. Or you could make a spilt of your own to try.

As for which one to start tomorrow. I would say OVT as it is VERY different from what you have been doing. It has been layed out with sets reps and excersizes for you. Just print it off and go hit the gym. Follow it to completion and keep trying to eat more.

Then maybe EDT, etc.

Thats my 2cc.


thanx man,

shall get to it then !



This is my current split. As you know, for a 5day split volume has to be kept right down or overtraining will happen quick smart. You'd prb have to reduce volume even further than this as this takes me about an hr per workout including warming up and stretching.

If you keep your food intake right, you should grow quickly on a 5 day split.

Monday (chest)
Bench Press 3sets of <5
Incline DB 2sets of 10+
Lateral Raise 2sets of 10+
Flyes 1 set of 8+

Tuesday (quads)
Squat 3sets of <5
Lunge on step 2sets of 10+
Leg Press 2sets of 8+
Seated Calf 3sets of 6+

Wednesday (back)
Cleans 3sets of <5
Pull Ups 2sets of 10+
Bent Row 2sets of 8+
Seated Row 2sets of 10+

Thursday (hams)
Deadlift 3sets of <5
Stiff Leg Deadlift 2sets of 8+
Leg Curls 2sets of 10+
Standing Calf 3sets of 8+

Friday (arms)
Clean & Jerk 3sets of <5
Cheat Curl 2sets of 5+
Dips 2sets of 8+
Reverse Curl 1set of 10+
Skullcrusher 1set of 10+


Here's my current split. Not the best...but effective and simple. most days I'll add one or two isolation movements to address problem areas.

Day 1- Upper-Horizontal Push/Pull

Bench Press 5x5
Incline press 3x8
Standing reverse-grip BB row 5x5
Seated cable row 3x8

Day 2-Lower- Quad Dominant

Regular or front squats5x5
Lunges(or other quad movement)3x8
Calf raises(in a leg press machine)5x5
Seated calf raises5x5

Day 3-Rest or Cardio

Day 4-Upper-Vertical Push/Pull

Military Press(standing or seated)5x5
Weighted Dips 5x5
Pull-ups or Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns5x5
Chin-ups or Reverse Grip Pulldowns 3x8

Day 5-Lower-Hamstring Dominant

Stiff-legged Deads 5x5
Leg Curls5x5
Donkey Calf Raises4x10

Day 6-Rest

Day 7-Rest or Cardio


Man, it's really nice to see some well thought out bodybuilding splits.

I'm so used to seeing splits and just being like: where do I start with telling this guy that he's totally wrong?

Both of those look like great programs.

Dan "I'm so proud. My little T-men are all grows up... You know who's the winner tonight? MIKEY'S THE WINNER!" McVicker


Day 1 Chest
Day 2 Back and Legs
Day 3 Rest
Day 4 Legs
Day 5 Shoulders
Day 6 Arms
Day 7 Rest

I recently added abs or cardio in the a.m. Though I skip these whenever I feel like skipping.

All days are usually kept to 10 sets or less. With 5 reps or less on my major movements (chins, squats, bench, etc.) and slightly higher reps on my accessory stuff (lunges, curls, back extensions, etc.)