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Good 100 meter dash time.

I was just curious what an AVERAGE 100 meter dash time is, i know the world record is like under 10, but i was curious about average. Because i ran a 100 meter dash in 11.7. And i’m a basketball player and i can’t ever even remember runing more than 40 yards at a dead sprint before. And i dont actually play basketball anymore, i played JUCO last year. So i’ve never ran the 100 meter before and i’m probably the most out of shape i’ve ever been in my life. And i was just curious what a good time is.

Slasher,my opinion on this is, is that you ran actually a resonable time in the 100M, given that you don’t compete in it. I’ll give you (IMHO) a quick rundown of good times:

HS Boys - 11.0 sec.
HS Girls - 12.25
College Men - 10.3
College Women- 11.4
World Class M - 10.1

11.7 - that’s not a bad time!
PS - are there better times in the above categories? Sure but those are decent times.

I think i could easily decrease that time and think i might pursue that just for fun. Because this is the most out of shape i’ve ever been and i have never sprinted more than 40 yards at once untill running the 100 meter the other day. How would i go about training for something like increaseing my 100 time, or just sprinting speed in general. I train westside by the way, just to give u a lil info.

That Q is beyond my scope but in the “Schroeder and Sprint Times” thread, you’ll find great info. Silverback, Kelley Baggett and the Charlie Francis site will give you in-depth insight on sprinting.

I hate to ask a dumb question, but what does it mean to train westside?

Westside Barbell Club is a group of elite powerlifters who train in the system they developed that people often refer to as Westside Barbell style/training.

For more information about their highly successful training methods look up the t-mag article ‘Eight Keys’ by Dave Tate. There are four parts and it summarises the Westside training methods.

11.7 is a good time, my PR in highschool was 11.2, but I doubt I could run under 12 right now.

of course if you are timing by hand, it is very inaccurate, it can be 1/2 second off or more.

11.7 is a decent time. I used to be on a d1 track team. We have a guy that runs 10.73 and he wins all of his races. Id say if you break 11, you’d probably be top 3 in all your races for the ‘smaller’ races. But big invitationals id say under 10.6 or so and your in better contention.

your not competitive sprinter , so i guess it doesnt matter too much right? and yea it makes a ton of a difference hand time versus Fully Automatic Timing done at all the meets in college.

besides pure speed and strength, id say technique plays a big role when you need to take off every little bit, like starts, finishes, and transition from start to full upright sprinting. but im a middle distance runner, haha, i dont know.

In my local area In HS we consistantly ran meets with guys running 10.1 and 10.2. That is pretty freaking fast though and I come from a very strong track area. Several of the athletes I knew either went to olympic qualifiers or got scholarships to d1 schools.

Our fastest guy would run in the 10.8-10.9 range most of the time and while he could clean up in the small meets he usually got Housed in the bigger meets.

These are all genetically gifted sprinters though, so your time is very good. I was a very good quarter mile and 200 meter runner and I only ever got to 11.2 in the 100m.

IMHO the 100 meter is still pretty much a power run as getting out of the blocks and up to top speed is a good 30-40 meters of the race. If you fall behind 2 tenths of a second out of the blocks, you will never make it up in 60 meters. The 200 is more a race that your top speed can actually win your race over a more powerful runner.

One kid on my track team who was on the 4X100m relay team was a tenth faster than me in the 100 meter. He was a stocky powerful kid with not a very long or smooth stride, He just bulled his way down the track. In the 200 M I would stomp him by a half a second or more because I had a very long powerful stride and my top speed was great, I had shit for starting power though.

This brings me to another point, My coach chose the other kid to be the third leg of our 4x100 team because he had the better 100 meter time, However I tried to explain to him that my top speed was better and since you get the handoffs at near full speed anyways I would actually help the team more than the other kid. But I never got the chance to prove it.

Sorry for the jumping around semi rant. end of hijack.

P.S. being a basketball player you probably have a nice long powerful stride, work on power if you want to get out of the blocks quicker.

I’m also a pretty small guy, i’m like 5’8 and 145 lbs and not strong at all really, my max box squat is like 265, max full squat 195x3, max deadlift 265, and max power clean of 185. In basketball i have a really quick first step. And i did race against other guys and it seemed like i got out of the blocks just as fast as anybody else but only one guy beat me and he just slowly pulled away from me the entire way.

Vegita, I think you were right about being in the 4X100 relay since you had better speed after the start. Are you sure about HS 100M times? Out here in So. CA, the State meet will probably be won in 10.4 or 10.5. Maurice Green usually runs about a 10 flat.

to give an example of bad hand times, last week at my school this kid who I routinely time in the 4.8-4.9 range ran a 4.47 in the 40 with another coach. Of course he ran it again and ran a 4.8.

Yeah I am suprised that these guys are running this fast at HS. I mean even a precocious talent like Mark Lewis-Francis only ran a 10.12 to win the World Junior Championships. He ran a world best at 17 of 10.19.

And of course Darrell Brown of Trinidad who holds the age record for a 17 yo of 10.09 and ran a 10.08 at 18 to win silver at the World Champs last year.

So they must be some mighty fine sprinters to run 10.10’s.