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Gonna Start TBT Monday


Well, I've decided to go on CT's TBT starting on Monday. Fat loss is my goal, and TBT looks to be the program that appeals most to me. Any recommendations before I startup?


I would be leary of fat loss as my main goal when undertaking such a strenuous program. Your body comp. should change, but don't deny calories at the expense of program performance.
Very demanding! Pre and post nutrition will be of the greatest importance to maintain the program and lose weight/fat. In other words--you'll have to be very 'dialed in'


Great advice...eating right will be extremely important to me. I chose TBT most of all because I prefer fullbody workouts. I'd been doing more of a split routine lately and was wanting to switch to a CW style program.


Forgot to mention the supps I'll be taking. Not going to go overboard, at least not to start:

Milled Flax Seeds
Fish Oil Caps
Multi Vitamin


You might wanna check out CWs 10x3 for Fat Loss . . . it's more geared for . . . fat loss.


Normally I would say right on...but for most of the past year I've done either 5x5 or 10x3, so I was wanting to switch to something a bit different.