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Gonna put Mag-10 to the Test (pun intended)

I just received my order of three bottles of Mag-10 and two bottles of M today, I am very eager to see what effects these supplements will have on my physique.

I plan on taking Mag-10 for 10 days, followed by 10 days on M, alternating the two.

I am in good shape, but w/o chiseled abs.

Bodyweight:217 lbs
Benchpress: 320 lbs
Pulldowns: 320 lbs
Curl: 160 lbs

My goals for mid-February are:
Bodyweight: 230 lbs
Length: 6’3’’ (just kiddin’)

Benchpress 335 lbs
Pulldown: 335
Curl: 175 lbs

I am very excited about doing this, and I also think Christmas is a great time for Mag-10, since I always eat BIG and trains hard during Christmas time…

Good stuff. Let us know how you do.

You’ll likely cut your gains short by limiting MAG-10 use to 2 weeks. Go the full 2 weeks on it.

Definitly use Mag-10 for more than ten days. I gained nine pounds in two weeks and my diet was a little lighter than it should have been. I am planning on three weeks next time.

I just got off a two week cycle of Mag-10. I have gaind 16 pounds since starting. I can tell that is has made a big difference. Make sure that you eat big as they say. It truly does effect your gains. I am on Phase 3 of the Growth Surge Project and taking Tribex and “M” only my second day. Mag 10 is awesome

Hey if it does not work. There are only three reasons why.
1.The Number one reason-NOT EATING ENOUGH
2.You need to go the whole two week cycle
I say do the twice a day serving for mag-10.
3.bad lifting program
I went from 190-210 my first time and I can not wait for my next cycle. I will also be using andro-sprays in between.

Don’t forget to frontload! I really makes a difference.