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Gonna Call Me Out?

This is your chance to call out a lard-ass. Bring a tubby to justice. Call T-911…

As I said in other posts, I have lost 22lbs so far through training.

While abroad at management school for a year I “created” (read “bastardized”) my own program which pretty much consisted of upper body/lower body alternate days six times per week 3 sets of 10 on each machine available for a total of 6 machines per workout. I also did a steady cardio workout of 30 minutes on the X trainer keeping HR about 140-150. I ate 1900-2100 cals per day with 100g of carbs and about 80g of fat with around 220g of protein.

This worked out well and taught me a little about discipline etc. but now I am back in England the confusion is setting in.

I go to the gym 3 x per week and do Taekwondo 2 x per week leaving the weekends free. TKD is 2hrs a time.

I am finding that I have more DOMS now and am more tired. I am in my final year of uni and the work is unbelievable. I also have 3 jobs which vary week to week (irregular but well paid- works out more than a set job).

Basically I am not sure what method to use to calculate calories etc. or when to eat carbs etc. I cannot afford supplements, I still have protein powder left over but will not be able to buy more (although Christmas is coming so you never know!) as I am not sure if I even have enough cash to stay at uni!

Anyway, I am now a red tag in TKD which leaves red belt, black tag and black belt.

For a long time I have been good at the theory of TKD but cannot apply it because I am out of shape. I spent a lot of time on T-Nation to get motivated etc. and considering that it used to hurt to walk coz my belly would pull on my lower back I am making good progress, 3 inches off waist, people notice the difference etc.

However, I really really want to up the ante considerably for martial arts. I am crap at pushups (can do about 10) and all calisthinetics (sp!)and flexibility is rubbish after a yr off TKD (its v. expensive in France compared to England, and I was too much of a fat pussy to dare to go).

I am getting confused about calorie needs and what type of weight training and cardio I should do. Its getting to be a bit of a joke- if i dont get some help ill be the guy at the gym who looks the same yr in, yr out.

My red-tag grading is in January. I would love to be able to see a big difference by then (I’d better see a difference or I’ll fail the grading) especially in stamina, speed and exercises like knuckle pushups, sparring etc.

I am motivated but my program is fizzling out with all the new questions. I have progressed despite not the best program as I was (am?) a newbie.

In return for you guys helping me I’ll do the ultimate…I’ll post a picture of me at 250lbs (Jan), a picture now @ 228lbs and Ill take that BEFORE PIC NOW AFTER TO FOLLOW challenge baby. Dont worry about the “cant buy supplements” thing. I will try to get some 4 christmas or something if they are essential.

Feeling a little nervous now…posting a before pic OK, but a middle pic too? Still, I had a little experience last night that proves how empty easy success is…I broke 2 inches of wood with a punch thinking I was tough, then realised I only used a punch as it was the easiest technique and the true achievement would have been something like a turning kick or side kick. Its not mass I lack, its the acceleration/accuracy swinging a leg with 10lbs of lard wrapped round it.

Sorry for ranting on…my weight loss so far has been a bit of a personal quest and T-Nation is the only place I can really talk about it.

None of my friends are really into this sort of lifestyle. Yep my life is an episode of “testosterone sucking factors”.

So, are you gonna call me out?

PS Im not talking im now 228 muscle. I would estimate i am over 30% bodyfat!


Keep your focus, bro. It sounds to me like you have recovery issues as well as calorie issues. Keep everything in balance. Multiply your weight times 11-12; this will give you an approximate daily calorie need. Figure on more if more active; less if on a resting day. You were on the right track previously, just don’t lose sight of your ultimate goal. Also beware of trying to serve too many masters, ie, weight training, TKD, cardio, and school, life, etc. I used to train TKD and know what the demand is. I used primarily Olympic lifts to complement the explosiveness needed for TKD. So here’s to caling you out, UK brother.
Stay strong,

in this particular moment of your life (last year of uni) your are simply doing too much activity. With 30% bodyfat your first goal is to begin a proper T-nation diet. You have to reduce bb from 3 to 2 workouts per week.
I suggest you “The next big three” by Chad Waterbury.
Hope that helps !

Thanks for the replies so far. I know I have got a lot on but thats kinda the way I like it! I’m one of those people who gets bored easily, I like targets and goals, just sometimes lack information…

That said I do have to make an extra effort at the mo to actually sleep regularly between everything else so point taken!

I’ll research the O lifts and the NBT program.

Cheers for the replies- its all encouraging