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Gonna be in Vegas for a Week... Gyms?


Hey all, so the least I can do to thank my girl for being so great during al lmy contest prep nonsense is take her somewhere over the summer (we're teachers, so we have some time off). Anyway, we'll be spending a week at the Venetian (6/28 - 7/3), with my best friend as his girl, and even though this is supposed to be a nice 'relaxing' vacation,... I need to get my training in (if I have to do it after Cat falls asleep at night, then so be it! -lol).

Anyway, I was checking the Venetian's web page, and was a little shocked that they charge quite a bit for their guests to even use their 'fitness facilities'. There are two Gold's Gyms in the area (one 6 miles away, and one 4 miles away), so I guess I could always hop a cab, and try to secure day passes there,.. actually, if I can't find anything else, I'll call ahead and see if I can work out some multi-day deal for my buddy and myself (we're both thinking bout the INBF Worlds in November, so no slacking off for us, even on vacataion).

If anyone has had any gym expereinces in the Vegas area, and could make suggestions, give warnings, or even if any T-Folk wanna join us for some manliness with heavy iron, I'd appreciate it!



Gold's is the place to be in Vegas. Cutler lives there as well as a few others so let us know if you see them and keep a camera on you.


I think Jay trains at the one on E Flamingo Rd most of the time.


He does, I already checked 'em both (already told my girl that we'd better send Jay an email and let him know we're coming out -lol). One is 6 miles and the other is 4 miles from my hotel. Figure I can always grab a cab if the Venetian one is just too $$$ for my taste... hopefully they'll work some kind of deal if I need to train just 3-4 days while I'm there (some places actually ask for $25 for a day pass.... bunch of savages! -lol).



Gold's on flamingo will charge around $20 for a day pass. Use your pro card to your advantage man. That gym hugeeee though


Exactly what I was thinking, playing up the pro card is a great idea, either at the hotel or at the Golds. I'm sure the hotel will be accommodating if you explain that you are a pro and need to continue prep for an upcoming show.


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Lol, I don't know how much of the 'real world' is impressed by a natural bodybuilder pro or not. It's not like I walk down the street and everyone turns their head thinking they saw a human refrigerator (PX?). Obviously if it comes up, I'll mention is as humbly as I can (never want to be seen as arrogant), but we'll see.

Last summer when I was in Fla, I got a deal on a week's pass at a local gym once I started talking to the owner about competing (I think he had competed himself when he was younger, so he understood my actual NEED to train).

Count- I'm all for the mentos bro, but once prep starts, they gotta be the new sugar free variety :slightly_smiling:



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During my last visit to Vegas, in April, I worked-out at the Gold's Gym in Henderson. They could not have been more accommodating. They did not charge me, and the facilities were great. A little foo-foo for my tastes, but clean and equipt with everything I needed to get in a solid workout. Tons of new and fancy machines, with lots of Hammer Strength stuff. A little bit light on the free-weight stuff, but it was a nice change of pace for me. There was a female bodybuilder who was part of the staff, and working as a trainer who was contest-ready and displayed a tremendous amount of lean muscle mass for a woman (think Lenda Murray, but white). She was as nice as could be. Henderson isn't all that far outside of Las Vegas, and worth the trip if they let you train at no charge. Henderson also has a "neat" area called "The District" (I'd bet your girl would luv it) with a kinda plaza-type vibe to it, that has shops and casinos and restraunts etc., but with a completely different "feel" than The Strip. Anyway, have fun and give the Gold's in Henderson a try.


Man, I was gonna say you know you're serious when you're looking for a place to train in Vegas. However, it is 6 days so I'd probably be looking for a place to train as well.

BTW- Venetian is bad ass... all suites. Have fun!


would it work if you told them you just moved to the area and wanted to check them out, would they give you a free week pass?


Do the memberships that allow you to go to any Gold's work across states?


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LOL...it's VEGAS.


Let me know if that needs further explanation.


yeah i know its a popular tourist destination, but people do move to vegas its not that far of a stretch

EDIT: I know its not a good option but im an ideas man not a solutions man.

Stu, when i went to golds they offered a travel pass that i believe was good for 7-10 days.


I guess the next step is to start a fund to collect money to pay for Stu's guest passes lol


The foundation is called "I need money for Hookers, Blow, Buffets, and a "gym pass". Money can be paypal-ed directly to me. I'll hand deliver it to Stu.


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