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Gong's Log


I'm 26, been working out on and off for 8 years. Starting this log to help with my consistency issues and to pick up any advice I can.


The program I’m going to run for the next 6 weeks:
Three total body workouts; an Olympic lift (I was lucky enough to have some coaching in college and have been practicing for the last couple weeks to get the form back), a lower body movement, a upper body push, and farmers walks with an ab movement. I will be super setting a upper pull (alternating between supported row and various grip chins) with the lower body and upper push movements.
A. Clean from blocks, back squat, push press, farmers walk
B. Snatch from blocks, sumo DL, dips, farmers walk
C. High pull from blocks, front squat, low incline bench, farmers walk

Oly lifts: 4x3 adding weight each set
Sumo DL: 5x2 adding weight each set
Front squat & push press: 3x5 straight sets
Back squat: sets of 10 moving up weight (only using 25 and 45 lbs plates) until I cannot get 10
Low incline bench & dips: sets of 10 moving up weight (20 lbs increase) until I cannot get 10

I’ve basically made a program based around the lifts and rep schemes that I have really enjoyed in the past.
I’m also going to add sprints, I’m going to start with them on the off days but may move them to the same day as lifting depending of how I’m recovering.
Any comments/advice is welcome.



Clean from blocks: 135x3, 140x3, 145x3, 150x3
Back squat: 95x10, 135x10, 185x10, 225x10, 275x3
Push press: 3x5 @ 105
Fat gripz farmers walk: 3 down and backs with 45s
Decline bench sit ups: 3x15
Total chins: 28 over 8 sets (alternating supinated medium grip, pronated medium grip, and pronated wide grip)
Weight: 184



Ran four 400 m sprints with 4 minutes of rest between sprints.
Times: 83, 89, 106, and 98 seconds.

I’d like to work up to doing six sprints, all under 90 seconds.



Snatch from blocks: 85x3, 90x3, 95x3, 100x3
Sumo DL: 255x2, 265x2, 275x2, 285x2, 295x2
Dips: -36x10, -24x10, -12x10, BWx8
Fat gripz Farmers walks: 3 down and backs with 50s
Leg raise: 3x12
Total rows: DB row 5x8 @ 60, seated row 4x12 @ 140
Weight: 183