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Gone In...to a Pole...


Looks like this guy saw Gone in 60 Seconds one too many times...






You are right, that is definitely a ricer wanna be..

Who else would put painted front calipers on what appears to be a mitsubishi?


third didn't load...


Appears to be a Mitsubishi Evo. What a waste of an awesome car. Too bad for the car. What kind of dumbass pulled that off?

Poor Evo. Poor, poor Evo. I feel your pain.

Mitsubishi Evolution: 4-cylinder 271 hp of turbocharged delight. 0-60 in 5 or less seconds and a quarter mile in 13.5 seconds. Not to mention AWD, awesome Brembo brakes, those nice Recaro seats and more.


Yes you are right nate.

So most likely someone was really really drunk/high/stupid and thought they were playing "gone in sixty seconds" except didnt see that pole in front of the window..

Or someone was blind.

Most likely the former.

So nate, what scared you away from buying one of those? The monthly payments arent that much higher, is it the increased insurance rate?

I actually prefer the wrx-sti myself, it's got a lot more usable low end grunt and in reality around town here it's way hard to use that high strung engine (like the evo or even a honda s2000) very well.

I mean auto mags can pull the 0-60 times out of it(because they dont have to buy parts and keep it), but if you do it yourself more than a handful of times you are buying a new clutch, and that gets expensive real quick.

Course if I lived near a nice road track or even a well organized club that does big parking lot runs I would consider cars of that sort.



Good question! I'd go with an EVO over an STi because of it's better handling capabilities. Although the STi has more power and better straight-line speed, the EVO has better lateral grip and handling capabilities, not to mention it's a few grand cheaper.

Don't get me wrong, I love both cars and wouldn't mind having either one. I just hope they fixed some of the problems in the STi that the WRX had. If I could go back, I'd keep my Type R and never have bought the WRX. I could have either kept my Type R now or sold it and used the money I made on it to buy an EVO.

I won't dare buy a $30K car now as my payments would be much too high. I'm actually looking at buying another new car, but I'm looking under $20K. Something sporty and fun that will get me around for a couple years or so until I decided to spend more and get more power. So I've been debating whether to go with a Mazdaspeed Protege or possibly a RSX Type S or wait and see if they bring the RSX Type R to the states. I've just been jonesin' for a new ride with more power and better handling than my CRX Si offers.


I once went and shame faced saw the Fast and the Furious at the theatre.

So, all these punk ass rice-burning 16 year olds afterwards were making a scene in the parking lot.

This one kid tears across, tries to fishtail it out onto the highway, and wrecks directly into the median and hangs his car up 5 feet off the ground.

I laughed for a week straight.


Fragile: Would love to find out the story of the accident, would love to know what dumbass drove the EVO right out the showroom window and into a pole no more than 10-15 feet away. There is another red one in the showroom behind the guy in the crazy backwards hat in the first picture, so I'm guessing they we on display. Guess someone should know the difference between "1" and "R" when driving a car....

Wonder how fast the EVO's times are from 0-Window, and wonder how the STi's match up. But I guess the EVO would take pole position in that race.

And Rumbach, I think I would still be laughing at that idiot you saw.


Nate: Have you ridden in a Mazdaspeed Protege yet? They look real sporty and quite tuned but was wondering about performance...They have a LOAD of aftermarket parts put into that car from the factory, and the aftermarket is outsourced from some pretty reputable companies. I know it has front and rear sway bars upgraded, spring upgrade, 17" Racing Hart wheels, calipers, rotors.....and I think a fully adjustable suspension......all with the package.

Not a bad package, and they look pretty nice, saw a new dark gunmetal silver one on the road this weekend.....not bad looking at all if you are in the maket for an affordable import toy.


A friend of mine, who is a BMW mechanic, recently bought an EVO. Right now the only parts he has added are a chip and some computer thing. These cars are no joke even from the factory. I'm a Mustang enthusiast, but as long as a car gives me the adrenaline rush off the start, I like it. The EVO definitely does it for me. With the acceleration this car has right now, it's going to be sick when he gets all the goods.


Still, the thing with those is, you can take a Z04 vette and blow about 98% of the ricers off the road. And still sell it for nearly the amount you have into it.

I have a buddy who is ricin' up his civic si, he's done the exhaust, tires, wheels, brakes, struts, springs, intake supports for towers, bars, cams, clutch... Now he's looking to put a blower on it and a limited slip so he can finally beat all the regular punks out there.

The car really kicks in strong when vtec turns on, but still is weak in the bottom, especially if you get some passengers in it. Sure is a lot more fun to drive though with the lighter flywheel and the vastly better rubber.

It's just a world of difference compared to my old tech camaro.



I was supposed to test drive one the other day but didn't have time. I just looked it over and sat in it to get a feel for it. I like the car except for the fact that it is only 170hp. Of course, it would be easy to get 200 or more horsepower out of it with a turbo-back exhaust, bigger intercooler and boost gauge.

They did a lot of things right and more car manufacturers should follow suit (many are - Dodge SRT4, Saturn Red Line Ion Series, EVO, STi, etc.). They are offering rebates on the Mazdaspeed that end today, making the car very enticing for the price. Unfortunately, I don't want to buy until I sell my car so I have a nice down payment. So I'll have to see if they offer these rebates or specials next month. Then I'd be more willing to buy one. Otherwise, I'll keep my eyes open for something that strikes my fancy. This will be the last chance to get a Mazdaspeed Protege as the whole Protege line is being replaced with the new Mazda3 series.

Antiliberal, I know what you mean about a good ole 'vette. They are actually quite a deal for the money. But I'd rather have the STi or EVO for $30K. The power, handling and AWD make it's handling capabilities even better for the money.

Sport Compact Car put the EVO and STi head-to-head in a recent shootout. The EVO won for it's handling and overall driveability. But if straight line speed and major torque are your interests, then the STi is a good choice. It all comes down to personal preference.

I've said it before, I'd love another Type R (RSX Type R), but there is no word on if it will become a reality. So I'll just have to see what I can get my hands on that will please me for a while. The Mazdaspeed Protege has been compared to the Type R as far as handling is concerned, and that is something I miss most. I'd love to have that kind of handling in a FWD car for under $20K.