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Gone Ghetto in 3 Seconds


Wow...many of you might have seen this already...nonetheless....hilarious....


I can't stop laughing!




really not that funny

you think all reporters talk with that retarded "thanks for tunin in" voice in rea life? you think rveeryone is startle proof?

did you laugh because he "went all ghetto n shit doe"

would it be funny if it was a white guy who said " ahh brah, what the hell mahn? seriously like what the hell is goin on brah?"


for real that shit was funny as fuck! I remember the dean at my hs did something like this

he was doin announcements and he's cell rang and he went hood and said "aww not dis crazy ass bitch again, not right now"

that shit was raw!


Pussy newsreporter...this one is funny too!


This still cracks me up...




Without seeing it... Is it the news anchor dude with a fly in his mouth?


Yes it is.

I've seen it a million times and it's still funny as hell.


Damn, that guy has more than enough sugar in his tank.