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Gone Fishing?

And so I’m finally going back to the old country to see my family. My step father is not the most talkative guy and gets easily irritated. His birthday is coming out and he mentioned something to my mom about wanting lures and fishing tackle. He wouldn’t say more cause he’s an ass lol . Can someone help me out and recommend generic but good lures or just enlighten me on other good fishing gift ideas. Don’t want to disappoint the old man.

A rod building kit-


I built my own last year. It’s a good feeling to head out and fish on a rod you built and a fly you tied.

They have spinning kits too.

It would help to know what type of fish he want’s to go after but ya can’t go wrong with a Mepps imo, good for all kinds of fish. Red devil for pike, Rapela minnows with the rattle, crank baits for bass.

These are just general ideas.

+2 on the request for what type of fish he chases. Lures are quite different for each species. Lots of fishermen on this site, so give us a bit more info and you will get some good advice.

A rod kit would be a great gift - assuming that he is remotely talented at crafts and the like.