Gonadorelin by Itself?

Anyone have any advice on using this by itself to kick up T/Free-T production?

Labcorp numbers initially, then with a clomid 1 week trial by Anti-Aging clinic as a test to see if it would jumpstart T production higher. As you can see, some numbers got better but the Free T took a nosedive. Now they think that before looking at TRT as a permanent solution, to try twice a week injections of the Gonadorelin.

Testosterone Total: 500 raised to to 626 (264 to 916 ref range)
Free T: 9.3 dived down to 6.7 (6.8 to 21.5 ref range)
IGF: 113 dived down to 67 (84-270 ref range)
Estradiol: Was under 5 now 22.5 (7.6 to 42.6 ref range)
LH: Went from 2.8 to 6.7 (1.7-8.6 ref range)
SHBG: 34.7 to 47.5 (16.5 to 55.9 ref range)

The second the FDA banned hCG, out came the gonadoreline to recoup losses in profit for these anti-aging clinics and any clinic pushing gonadorelin is either dishonest or ignorant prescribing it to a person with a pituitary failure.

You’re throwing money out the window.

Secondary cases won’t see a meaningful response (similar to HCG) to Gonadorelin. If you have a pituitary failure, gonadorelin (mimics grnh from the hypothalamus) will not do anything meaningful.

TRT is inevitable.

As usual, systemlord is on top of this. I would find another doctor/clinic IMO, and leave scathing reviews for a clinic that would go this route.

Unless there is a defined reason not to go TRT, I don’t see a reason to even consider anything else. (I don’t see anything mentioned in OP)

Good luck