Golgi Tendons, Antagonist Muscles Restricting?

Hi CT. I can floor press 45 kg (100lbs) fairly tidily for sets of ten reps. Rep calculators suggest this means I should be able to do maybe 7 reps with 50kgs, but I can’t. Five fairly shaky reps on a good day. They feel intimidatingly heavy. I can row the 50s for 20 good reps, because I’ve always loved to row and I’ve neglected my bench over the years (many years…I’m 47)

I suspect my body lacks confidence with the floor press and my nervous system is holding back a bit once I go over the 45. Does this sound plausible? I’m doing same weight ladders with the 50s to try and get used to them. Does that sound right? I tried EMOM but getting into position every minute to press is a pain.

Best wishes. Congratulations on the news.

In early stages of strength development, most people will greatly under perform a rep-predicted max on a 1 rep max. How old are you, how long have you been training?

Im 47. Training on and off for ages but not very dilligently, especially on the presses. Note: I’m not aiming for or calculating a 1rmax, just an equivalent reps number for the 50s from the 45s, but I think you make a good point. Basically, on the floor press, Im a noob.

My query is: could there be a particular neurological restriction holding me back on the 50s that is not so active on the 45s? And if so, what’s the best way to work around it?