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Golfer's Elbow Treatment?


I have had medial epicondylitis (golfers elbow) for 2 years. Visited a sports doc 2 yrs ago, and again last year. Got an MRI and it revealed a SLIGHT tear in the tendon, not severe.

Have had 2 cortizone injections, but they only help for a week or so, then pain comes back. I've also tried taking time off. I basically have not trained for a year. Also had ultrasound, as well as stretching and PT but to no avail.

I have just been dropped by my health insurance (thanks, Highmark), I am trying to put together a combo of supplements, gh, creams, peptides and as a last resort - AAS-Deca (because I can't lift heavy). I have some Alflutop on order.

Here is what I have so far:

Fish oil

Any other suggestions? I'm dying over here!


Have gone through that about 3 times. Here is what you do:
1. Ice it down after you workout
2. Stretch your wrist
3. You need to exercise the forearm in another fashion. Use 2 to 4 thick rubber bands on the tips of your fingers and expand your fingers. Try to get the best extension you can ( wide as you can get your hand)
4. No deadlifts or regular pull ups for 3 weeks ( you can do chins with palms facing)
5. Change your golf grip (assuming you play golf), you are probably regrouping the club to hard before impact.

This works every time for me, you need to give it about 3 weeks, the finger exercise is critical
Good luck


ok. I will give it a shot. THANKS!!!
Oh, I actually don't play golf. lol


Sorry to hear you do not play golf. But, try the steps anyway, it works. I actually got that from an old professional tennis player. He used it to get rid of his tennis elbow. It really does work.


Hey> Has anyone has any experience with ART for tendonitis?


Not trying to argue but I just want to be clear, tennis elbow and golfer's elbow aren't the same thing. Tennis is lateral elbow pain while golf is medial. Using one treatment protocol for the other is actually contraindicated and can/will make the pain worse. Again, don't mean to be argumentative, I'm just anal like that.

To the OP, what do you do that causes pain? What's your daily activity like? Job like?

The suggestion of using a rubber band around your hands and expanding is a great remedy. You want to do this A LOT. And as mentioned, the size of the rubber band is important. A regular rubber band normally doesn't get the job done though. One of those grocery bands that they put around asparagus or whatever works much better.

Some manual therapy (ART is one form of this) is a great idea. Get this done on the medial portion of the elbow (where you have pain), but not the lateral! You can also simply do some massage work yourself on the medial elbow. Work in a vertical fashion more so than a horizontal one.

Lastly, stretch your wrist flexors and finger flexors (see picture). Do not simply pull your hand back but use a wall!

The reason for this, as you'll likely notice with using the wall, is your fingers will still be flexed when you're pulling the wrist back. That is, your palm is flat on the wall but your middle knuckles aren't.

So by using the wall you can see your fingers that are still flexed, now you simply extend them so your entire hand, including the fingers, are all flat against the wall. This way you know you're stretching the wrist flexors AND the finger flexors.

Hope this makes sense; keep us posted.


Thank you so much for the advice and the stretch. I will use it tomorrow, for sure.

What hurts it?? Pullups and curls more than anything.

I just started Alflutop on Sat and it already feels about 20% better!


BTW: where can I get those rubber bands?


What I did-had a Sports chiropractor adjust and ART it (some electrical stimulation at first as well). I stretched the wrist flexors for a week, then added finger expansions with a rubber band or two the next week (3X failure-daily) for a full two weeks, then added back in gripping exercises. This was all after wasting five months on Orthopedists ("sports docs") and PT. My last ortho didn't even know what stretches to give me.... I was done with the chiro in a month.


Probably a good idea to can any gripping exercises for a couple of weeks. Yes, I realize that comprises nearly everything. But a few weeks is worth training pain free after that.

Hope things continue to go well.


Love u guys! Thanks for the input!!! Keep the suggestions coming. I am using them all!