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Golfer's Elbow, Suggestions on Rehab?

Im 37 and have been powerlifting pretty much since 14. It’s not debilitating, but when pressing or doing pulling movements, the inside of my elbow irritates the $hit out of me. Any suggestions on getting rid of this?

Usually it’s avoid aggravating activities/reduction of elbow pain, facilitation of tissue healing/restore ROM and return gradually to activity once symptoms have subsided but I sense that’s not an option…

See a health professional e.g. physical therapist or physiotherapist to confirm diagnosis (because other conditions mimic golfers elbow symptoms) and guide treatment. Overuse injuries are tricky to deal with and if they turn chronic you are looking at years, decades or forever.

Best advice is still to avoid/reduce activity and go see a professional but try these:

Thanks for the posts guys i’ll try the self rehab.