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Golfer's Elbow - Medial Epicondylitis

I apparently have this problem. Would taking a lot of fish oil and/or curcumin make any difference in the recovery time? The pain isn’t really bad so I’m hoping it recovers quickly with a couple weeks rest. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

As an aging golfer, I have had the problem occur over the years. Pounding balls and heavy deadlifts don’t mix too well. Here is what I do to get over the pain. 1. You can avoid pull ups and chins and overhead pressing for a while. 2. Stretch the wrist 3. Take Ibuprofen and ice your elbow after you workout 4. Lastly, what has always been the finishing touch is using rubber bands wrapped around the tips of your fingers. You extend your fingers as wide as you can and hold that for a couple of seconds. Thick rubber bands work the best. You can use numerous bands as you get stronger.
This has worked for me every time over the years. Be patient, it will work…just takes couple of weeks