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Golfer's Elbow Help?

I have a pretty good case of medical epicondylitis going on for a long while. Did a free consult with a PT where I work and she recommended some stretches that I already do but also some nerve flossing that I’m trying out. Just wondering what all everybody does for this because it seems pretty common. Pretty much all pulling done with a pronated grip fires it up. Supinated grip seems to be just fine. I do have a jacked up shoulder that the PT person spent the most of the time on. But I’ve also just learned to deal with that. Its sounds like the shoulder just needs work anyway. She says it has an impingement…or a hooked acromioin process? Any I’ve rambled too long. Any tips or tricks you guys do for golfers elbow…lifts, stretches any imbalances that could cause this will help. Thanks!

I’ve mentioned for another injury that my physio recommended isometrics for rehab. It’s worked for golfers, tennis and shoulder impingement. I’ve rigged up all sorts for this type of therapy. But for golfers a therabar worked wonders, and quickly.

Edit: by isometric it was more lowering then holding a heavy weight. I hold it at the place it feels tight. You must not have the concentric lifting phase on your injury. It makes you go back a step.

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Go research BPC 157 peptide. It’s done wonders for a lot of people

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If your shoulder is tight or loose or not stable it’s really easy to start moving your elbow funny to avoid shoulder pain and develop elbow problems from that.

Here’s a cool isometrics move from Athlean X. It starts about 1:45. You support yourself from a bar with a stable, packed shoulder and an extended arm. To learn how to really line up your wrist, elbow and shoulder . It’s super easy to set up and do.

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Seems like a good supplement that biotest should jump on :wink:. Do you know of any good oral versions of this out there?

Nice thanks. I’ve been following your log and you talk a ton about muscle imbalances and scapular retraction or depression causing a lot of this. I’ve been trying to do a bunch of band y raises and rhomboid shrugs. Hopefully this helps the shoulder out then that trickles down to the elbow. I’ll give this isometric move a shot as well. Thanks again.


This is an injectable meant for research only (wink). Still go research it here and online

I know you posted this for me to reply to, I haven’t had time to sit down with the reference material that I have on hand yet but I will probably have the time tomorrow.

No worries. Just whenever you get a free second.

@zeptrey @Pinkylifting good luck


Nice thank you sir! The Mr. Miyagi paint the wall. I like it.

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Weird seeing the strength level 3 exercise. Hadn’t realised it before but My elbow pain started almost as soon as I added that exercise into my workouts. I only did it two or three times but almost certainly overdid it, could possibly have strained something. Will try it light (after the others)

Not exactly the same injury but Dave Tate talks some good points here and the principles can be applied to other injuries

All this has helped my elbows big time. Tonight just finished up chest and my good shoulder (lefty) started complaining big time when I near lockout. I tried to use the lever press machine toward the end. I set it up in a decline and that nearly killed me had to stop. Doing floor presses I couldn’t push myself up with my left arm…son of a… that was supposed to be my good shoulder. It feels swollen still after icing. Doesn’t hurt until I put weight on that arm I can move it any which way. Sucks… hopefully it’s nothing but definitely reading up more on bpc 157.

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