Golfer's Elbow and Lat Exercises

I’ve been doing 5/3/1 BBB. Unfortunately, I’ve aggravated my golfer’s elbow. Basically, I have pain when I grip a bar, particularly overhand. Any thoughts on what to do for lat work if pull-ups are too rough on my forearms? Straight arm pulldowns hurt it the least, but is that enough of a multijoint exercise for lat work?

I’m at the tail end (hopefully) of a gofers’ elbow case. I have this spud-inc pull down thing I use on my rack. It has a split strap with loops in it that really works well for taking the load off my grip. If I put my wrists through and wrap my hands around in it, almost all the weight is on the straps. It ends up being a fairly narrow grip, but if I focus on pulling the weight down by bringing my elbows down and back rather than hands/forearms, I can really feel it in my lats. I’m pretty sure you want to focus on making things not hurt at all, rather than trying to minimize pain. If there’s any pain, you’re probably agrivating and prolonging the damage to the tendon. If you don’t have access to that, could you use straps on a regular lat pull down bar?