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Golfer on Gear


I have so many problems with this I don’t even know where to begin.

I can’t believe the PGA doctors are so dumb - the guy was on HRT, they tested his test levels to be in the 300’s WHILE ON HRT, so they told him to stop?

I think my favorite (stupid) quote has to be from Gary Player: “Whether it’s [human growth hormone], whether it’s creatine or whether it’s steroids, I know for a fact that some golfers are doing it.”


He will win that case easily. This is a good thing. It sucks that he had to get banned and forced to stop playing for a bit but in the long run this will benefit many people.

And obviously Gary Player is just as retarded as the rest of the public on this issue. No surprise there really. Creatine should be left for the athletes anyway, he shouldn’t concern himself with it.

The rules on peds in sports is just way too murky. I can see on one hand how someone would argue that the things this guy took would be performance enhancing (as it pertains to golf). On the other hand, it is just as easy to argue that this is more about a quality of life issue. It reminds me of the case that happened to wade wilson. He was taking HGH and was banned by the nfl. The only problem was that he was taking it while after he had retired and became a coach.

Gary Player is an old, old man and behind the times. Golf is one sport where I see a minimal advantage from PED use, especially considering the physical condition of the majority of the players.

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I wouldn’t discount the use of peds in golf. If you think about it, a middle of the pack pga pro might feel compelled to use something if he thought it would allow him to keep up with some of the big bombers on the tour. If baseball players feel it is helpful, why not golf? I do think they need to make a distinction between something that is primarily used to accelerate recovery versus something that unnaturally makes one bigger and stronger. Admittedly its easier said than done.

I think PED’s can probably be helpful in any sport, but with that being said different PED’s are useful for different sports (for exampe I see how EPO is more useful than AAS for endurance sports). I can see how beta-blockers could be more useful than AAS for golf - you only use your driver 18 times at most during a round and about half of your strokes come from putting - and being more calm and relaxed on the green would be quite an advantage.