Golfer Elbow and Growth Factor Routine

hi coach
first of all I would like to thank you for the time spent to answer questions, it means a lot to us.

I felt pain for a while in the interior region of the elbow. It began to pick up the anti-inflammations and Omega and glucosamine and M.S.M . I also took a negative rest for a week
And now and feel better after I’m back to training again. But I could think of to stop training for heavy weights and focus on T.U.T it will be a chance to not hurt my elbow and reach to the complete healing on it .
so i will start your growth factor program with so editing in some exercises to deal with my elbow like changing grip to natural in some exercises or replace some exercises to the alternative comfortable elbow exercises .

my routine will be like this
day 1 : chest g.f + light wights arm
day 2 : leg g.f
day 3 : rest
day 4 : shoulder g.f
day 5 : back g.f. + light wights arm
day 6 : rest
repeat …

so do you have any notes about this routine ?
and i would be thankful if you do another workout for back focusing on thickness like you did with shoulder width workout .
thank you coach wish you good day sir

any help coach @Christian_Thibaudeau

I know CT rarely gives advice on healthn related issues but since I had the same problem, I felt like sharing my experience. I was able to get rid of it with this. You may have to play a little bit with it until you see results but it took me about 3-4 treatments to completely resolved it. If it does not work, I would suggest you go see an ART practitioner with a LOT of experience. It is pricey but would most likely get rid of the problem in 1 session. I had shoulder problems fixed with great success. Training around this problem is not fun, I know what it feels but the Self-Myofascial Release Techniques should help you.

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I do not give advices on injuries without being able to see the person live.

The only thing I can say is that growth factor training, especially if done with a slow eccentric tempo is the best for of training for tendonitis

thank you sir for you attantion

thank you sir . that only thing that you said will be so useful for me i appreciate you help and your advice . i started the routine and i feel the pump and the same time i don’t feel any pain because of the low wights that used in that giant giant sets . so i would like to thank you again .
and i wish if you give me your advice in the second quest that about thickness back workout based on growth factor .
thank you sir and i wish you a good day