'Golfball' Behind the Scapula

I’ve been plagued by this tight knot and it requires excessive pressure to relieve. I find it limits my ROM of pullups, rows and other upper body activities. My progression and physical goals are hampered – it almost feels like my right side is weaker.

Besides physio, any other options/exercises to aid in recovery? I’ve suspended heavy lifting and hypertrophy training until I am well enough to avoid further injury. Thanks for the help.

The answer may be in the title of your thread. Get a lacrosse ball, lay on the floor, open up your scapula and place the ball under your scapula. Lay your arm down along your side on the floor and slowly raise your arm until it’s straight over your head laying on the floor. Notice the stretching feeling as your muscle knot passes over and across the ball as the arm raises. Hurts good, and should help your problem.

Ya, and making the bone poke out, really getting the ball in that pocket inside your scapula is the trick. Laying on the floor and raising your arm slowly pulls the muscle taut over the ball. Magical.

I wouldn’t jump right into using a lacrosse ball due to its firmness. Start off with a tennis ball and see how that feels first.

Other than that, how is your daily posture? Do you sit at a desk all day hunched over? If you are hunched over all day then you might have poor thoracic mobility, tight pecs, and lack of internal rotation.

Work on improving shoulder stability and always do more “rowing” than “pressing” to improve anterior to posterior muscular imbalances.