Just for an update, I shot my lowest 9 holes last night in my league. 37 from the tips on one of the hardest coarses in our area. watch out PGA tour here I come!

awesome, i shot a 46 the other day after not having touched a club in months also had surgery to re-attach a ligament in my left hand. My drives and iron shots were for shit, but I made some damn good chip shots and one 20+ foot putt to save par. PGA tour here I come!

now if you could only spell COURSE, you could get on the tour.Just kidding, great job.

What did you shoot while you were down in Boca, and how was the course? ( I’m assuming you got to play)

lol yea good thing I only need to be able to add to make the tour, no spelling on a scorecard.

apayne - I did get a chance to play but didn’t shoot very well. There was free beer and I was playing with my girlfriend. I was really just trying to whack it and have fun. The facility was great too. Really a world class place.

What is your handicap? Was it a 72 par course? That is pretty good!

Yea par 72, My handi is a 16 right now, but I have shot some low scores and it will be updated this friday so maybe it will be lower then. The thing that ticked me off the most was that I had all pars and one bogey, and it was on the easiest par 5! I generally can reach the green in two and at least chip up and down for birdie or sometimes put an eagle putt close. I just had mediocre shots from my second shot on and lipped out a 5 footer for par. It really sucks.

I know I have to really put a good 18 hole score in before I can get too excited but it is definately a step in the right direction.

Just keep working to get your handicap down and then try out for the US Open or something. I had a friend that did it, but of course his handicap is under 1 the last time I checked. I like golf, but I know I will never be that great!


You seem to be in an exceptionally good mood lately. What’s up? (I hope good things).

No actually my girlfriend dropped the “i think of you more as a friend” line on me. She is now in florida at her cousins graduation so I at least get a week by myself. We have been dating for 3 1/2 years and own basically everything together, House and all inside stuff. Who knows, I still Love her to death but I can’t continue to take the cold shoulders forever. I am happy that spring is here and that I can play golf all the time. I hate my job and just want to work in golf, groundskeeper, assistant pro, shit i’d do anything to be around a golf course 24/7.

Other than that I am usually in a damn good mood, I am a happy person even when shit gets tough. Builds character I guess. Thanks for paying attention to me, lately my dog is the sole owner of that category. :wink:

nikki how did your friend do in the us open?

Actually, he did not qualify. He played the worst round of his life…I felt so bad for him! The qualifier is this month, and he had tried last year. He is going to try it again next year. I suggested to him to actually play the course before the qualifier this time :slight_smile:


Guys like you only get better when circumstances are at their worst. It’s called having “stalwart character.”

Take care man…


Damn I hate when those bad feelings you get actually happen.

Hopefully she will only spend a short time away and realize that she misses me and comes back. That would really be worth it. Otherwise I hope she finds someone that can treat her as good as I have and make her happy.

Vegita - living proof that the better you treat some girls, the less they like you.